53 Years

GEToday is my parents’ 53 wedding anniversary.

It is clearer to me today than ever before of what a picture of enduring love looks like.

It’s more romantic than storybook fables and youthful infatuation filled with dreams of grandeur.

It’s more romantic than a white picket fence around a dream house.

It’s more romantic than a passport filled with vacations stamps from get-a-way locations around the world.

It’s like this picture… A picture of two real people. Two real people who have sought to live their days in the light of gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Two people bound by a covenant they made to each other and guarding that union to let no one tear apart or destroy. Two people obeying their God for better or worse, in sickness or good health, regardless of riches or poverty. A man and a woman following through to completion of what God joined together.

Happy Anniversary.

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