A Castle or Church

A man’s home is his castle… or so goes the saying. But is this a healthy way for a follower of Christ to think of his home? I’ve been reading biographical sketches of Richard Baxter this week and struck by his labor for the good of Kidderminster, the town he pastored. He regarded worship, biblical instruction, and discipline in the home as essential to the health of society.

This puts a work on the home as more a training ground for the children God places here.

The idea of a castle is more about luxury and easy. The idea of a church is more complex and intentional. Richard Baxter preached to his church to “keep up the government of God in your families; holy families must be the chief preservers of the interest of religion in the world. This puts an importance of raising a family at a whole other level. It is more as much a calling as any calling there is.

“Let your own example teach your children that holiness and heavenliness and blamelessness of tongue and life, which you desire them to learn and practice. The example of parents is most powerful with children, both for good and evil… they will sooner believe your bad lives than your good words.” Richard Baxter

Baxter treated the congregation like a family; a family of families. The good work of gathering a family with other believers was to never be missed except for extreme circumstances.

The good in society that many pine for of old is not found in a moral government; it’s a Christian home, behaving godly, that impacts society as they gather together with others aiming at the same thing, the favor of God.

Hey men, today would be a great day to gather your family together. Read, pray, give instruction and lead your family on a more difficult path than establishing your rule in your castle. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord while it is still called today and lead with courage, shepherd the flock before you. Then, let only the extreme circumstance keep you from gathering with the family of God this coming Lord’s Day.

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