A Covenant With My Eyes

When someone you trust receives a report of the websites you visit, it changes everything. For the past eight years I have voluntarily been a member of Covenant Eyes (all pastors at Eastside Baptist Church use Covenant Eyes). Covenant Eyes is an ongoing reminder of the powerful covenant Job makes in chapter 31:1. “I have made a covenant with my eyes…”

The ease of internet activity is frightening. Anyone who doesn’t understand the reality of the trap the enemy has placed at your fingertips is likely not aware that raw sewage being poured out over your freshly cooked meal is a health risk and puts the whole family in danger, even a whole community. But surely everyone here knows that raw sewage being poured over your meal is a health risk.

There are other ministry driven resources that others use. This is not a blog to evaluate them, this is simply a reminder to all internet users to exercise courage when on the internet or anywhere that the temptation is strong. Don’t risk all things beautiful that God ordains as honoring, glorifying, pleasurable, and holy. If I can’t afford to use Covenant Eyes then I can’t afford the internet.

Job’s covenant is that he won’t let his eyes fall upon that which is not his. That is amazingly courageous and I am thankful for this bold example of keeping the portal of my mind and heart (namely, my eyes) as clean as the food I place on the dinner table to feed my family.

Covenant Eyes offers a free e-book that I just finished reading. I highly recommend it. Download it for free here.

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  • Luke Gilkerson

    June 5, 2013 at 8:35 AM Reply

    Glad you liked the e-book.

    Let me know if you or any of the pastors at Eastside would like to write to blog post for the Covenant Eyes blog. We’re always eager to hear from our members.

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