A Famine Of Truth Is In The Church

The events of this past week have been most amazing. In the free market, A&E,  fires an actor for comments he makes in an interview, the social media world lit up to “stand with Phil”. (Here’s my take on that whole matter). In the free market, Cracker Barrel, pulled all their Duck Dynasty merchandise from their restaurants stores, then after more social media fireworks they put their Duck Dynasty merchandise back on the shelves.  I’m sure this is not the last we’ve heard from the free market exchange. Americans are never afraid to express opinions, are we?

Three other things happened over the weekend that concern me greatly. Most of this has been missed by the ongoing saga in the free market… What has happened in Utah should have every American shocked with unbelief. It’s not the first time and sadly will not be the last time that an federal judge changes the vote of the people in a sovereign state. Yes, this is tragic. Yes, America should pay close attention to these tragic rulings of judges who rule more like a lord or king than a judge to send the matter to court and let it be argued out, reasoned, and debated.

SALT LAKE CITY — A federal judge said Monday [12/23/13] he will allow gay marriage in Utah to continue, denying a request from the state to halt same-sex weddings until the appeals process plays out. (Read more here)

Now, this should grip your attention. But what is happening in Utah has arrested my attention.

Paul told Timothy (in first Timothy) that the preaching of the word of God is the pillar and buttress of truth. We are warned in the Old Testament and New Testament that there have been times of ‘famine’ from the preaching of truth, and that there will be many in the last days who will only put up with teaching that ‘tickles’ their ears. The fact that the mayor of SLC has been performing many of the homosexual unions is tragedy enough, but the pastor of First Baptist Church in SLC, Curtis Price, has been part of the frenzy to perform homosexual unions.

A strange thing about Baptist that most don’t know is that we are an independent people. It’s a beautiful thing. And today it proves that sometimes it’s a tragic thing. When there is an abandonment of doctrine there becomes a widening propensity to ignore God’s order and chase after the favor of men.

I do believe that God wants people to experience joy. The problem is, as I understand the bible, that humanity tries to experience joy without giving consideration to obeying God’s standards. When God gives a command to do or not to do something it is so that we would experience optimal joy in Him.

I don’t doubt there is a happiness to some in Utah with this news. But there is a danger in wanting something that is warned of God to not do.

The decay of our American prosperity is not the fault of a government gone astray, it’s not fair for the Christians to blame homosexuality for the fall of our country or loose living as the destroying cause in our land. Sure, government is proving to be an ongoing problem, and unrepentant sin is erosive, but where are you at church of the Lord Jesus Christ? You have not forgotten have you? You are the pillar and foundation of Truth. When you are not in your God ordained post heralding Truth then expect the depravity of humanity to begin to rule your community, county, state, nation and entire planet.

“If you follow My statutes and faithfully observe My commands… I will turn to you, make you fruitful and multiply you, and confirm My covenant with you… but if you do not obey Me…” (Leviticus 26) “…I will destroy you who destroys my sanctuary…” (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)

Repent and return to your God ordained post of being the pillar and foundation of Truth.

Then finally: has the cry of the aborted unborn grown dull in our ears and did you notice that American citizen, Saeed Abedini remains in prison in Iran?

This Boise, Idaho pastor was arrested eighteen months ago while in Iran while doing humanitarian work with orphans. The relative silence on this matter from the church compels me to not cease from mentioning him and the call to prayer for him and his family.

Would you be willing to help me in asking my Southern Baptist kinsmen to join the efforts to keep pastor Saeed in front of the American church to pray for him. I have been asking the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist Press for help in keeping this matter in front of the Lord’s people. Would you be willing to write a short, kind note to Russell Moore at the ERLC and editors at Baptist Press? This is what I’m asking…

Ethics & Religious Liberties Commission: @ERLCPressRoom would you be willing to help me remind Christians in America of Boise, Idaho pastor, Saeed Abedini again? (Twitter)

Baptist Press@baptistpress would you be willing to help me remind Christians in American of Boise, Idaho pastor, Saeed Abedini?  (Twitter, Facebook, email)

Arise, preacher of Truth! Arise, church of the Lord Jesus Christ! Arise! Open your bible this week and speak forth Truth.


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  • James F Barry

    January 6, 2014 at 11:22 PM Reply

    I think you wrote this before the latest Phil comment……He appears to strongly support the marrying off of15 year old girls to older men “so they can be trained”…..
    This is the issue when you cross that line in the sand…Now you are seeing everyone backing away and running for cover…….
    Because you have taken the lid off the box of bigotry and now anything and everything can/will come out….

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