A Gospel Tract Video Project

There is Joy in the Lord

Here is a Gospel sharing opportunity for you. These video Gospel tracts are intended for your use in sharing publicly or privately with friends, co-workers, acquaintances, anyone in general.

The idea is that you might consider sharing one of these video excerpts from a recent sermon with your friends. I’ve included them here for you to view as you decide who you might share.

  • I have included links to one print version and three video versions:
  • Long Version: This is the entire sermon from February 5, 2017 from Philippians 2:5-11
  • Medium Version: This has several excerpts from various places in the sermon (about 15 minutes long)
  • Short Version: This has just a few portions of the sermon (about 4 minutes)

Instructions and Suggestions:


  • Pray – The kind of praying I’m talking about is for boldness. We already know that God wants us to share the gospel. For most of us, it is a lack of boldness that keeps us from sharing the gospel. It’s not for lack of want, it’s for lack of boldness. I’m praying for you as you consider this with me.
  • Read Philippians 2:5-11 and Romans 8. There are other things you may want to read as well, but at least those two because they are the primary text I used in this past Lord’s Day sermon.
  • Don’t let any public conversion online divert you from you gospel work. If you share one of the following links on a public social network page don’t let someone (sometimes even professing Christians will do this) lure you in to a distracting conversation.
  • Put it out there and pray for those who the Holy Spirit will draw to the posts.
  • Do not feel obligated to a discussion where you feel obligated to defend me. That is a distraction from the conversation. Let potshots at the preacher roll off of you.


Printed tract:

  • Consider printing this post that was published in the Twin Falls Times News this past weekend and give it or mail it to a friend.
  • After you give it, mail it, email it to them, tell them you would like to talk to them about it some time (face to face is best in my opinion)
  • Set a time that you may be able to talk about it.
  • Share that column published in the Twin Falls Times News on your social network sites.
  • Become as familiar as you can with Philippians 2:5-11 and Romans 8.


Video Tracts:

  • First, get these videos from my YouTube channel (HERE) and share them directly from there. You could share this blog post, but the intent of this blog post is really to give you opportunity to consider sharing the gospel.
  • Consider sharing the full sermon (HERE) with those you know really well. Maybe even Christians to encourage each other in the work of Christ on the Cross in your own lives.
  • Consider sharing the medium length tract (HERE) with friends via email or messaging. Even for some a 15 minute excerpt will not appeal to them or they may consider that too long of an investment in something you’ve shared with them. But you have some who may be ready for a good discussion after a bit more of an investment of their time.
  • Consider sharing this short tract (HERE) on your social media pages, blog pages, emails, and such. This is a concise collection of a few excerpts from the full sermon. Use this primarily for an opportunity to have more dialog with.

Full Length: 
59 minutes

Medium Length:
just over 15 minutes

Short Length: 4 minutes

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