A New House for New Horizon Home

It is hard to believe, at times, that just one year ago Eastside Baptist Church began her first overseas ministry post. We have surely been partnered with others who do similar work around the world. We have without a doubt been to many places in the past decade. But New Horizon International was first birthed from the painful experience God walked this faithful body of believers through over four years ago. For the past 12 months God has provided beyond what we could ask or imagine. There are 20 beautiful girls who trust God to provide for their needs at New Horizon Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

We have paid a month-to-month rent to Mr. Touze, our landlord, for the past  12 months. He’s been very kind and generous. We pray that God will bless him and his ongoing business adventures.

The Lord’s people at Eastside Baptist Church have been faithfully following the Lord in this God sized ministry.

Late last week our director at New Horizon Home, Alex, signed paper work to begin taking possession of a permanent address. A place the girls will call home, God willing, as they grow in favor with Him. New Horizon Home will pay $5,000.00 per year for the coming 10 years for our new house. May the Lord show his faithfulness and glory with as much joy as he has these past 12 months. May his favor rest upon this home.

Here are a few photos of our new home. We are aiming at May 10, 2014 as our moving in day. There are a few mild repairs to be done and a lot of dusting and cleaning. But before long… this house will become home to our girls.

NewHome01 NewHome03 NewHome04

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