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Nearly two years ago David and Emily were married in Topeka, KS. Emily’s sister, Katie (see photo, Katie is sitting in the wheelchair) is close to Emily’s heart and always of interest to me as I pray for David and Emily. I’m very selective about causes I support. This one is close to me because it’s close to David and Emily.

Katie’s mom (see photo, Cheri is standing on the left) is an example of a mom who lives out her days to give of herself for Katie’s sake.

Recently, their 1990 van has quit working. They are in the process of looking for a new one, and this is the reason of this post. Would you join me in praying to God, asking that he meet this great need. There is no inexpensive car today, especially one that is customized for a special need as this.

Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, would you pray with me and Katie’s family? The family has put a plan together in asking for donations from generous people online. I’m praying that God will provide this need as they have established this plan. I’m praying with their family, that God would provide this vehicle for Katie.

This is Emily’s request she posted on Facebook yesterday:

Hello friends of mine! Please read this: it’s about my sister.
I have a serious request in regards to my sweet sister, Katie. My sister is mentally and physically handicapped and depends on her wheelchair to be mobile. Which puts her in the position of depending on her wheelchair accessible van to go to the hospital or anywhere else outside of her neighborhood. Her van stopped working completely this week. She needs a van, aside from not wanting to be stuck at home all the time, she gets very sick often and needs to make frequent trips to the hospital to avoid getting pneumonia despite my mom’s restless efforts. If you would donate even a little, it would help me to know that my sister is a little closer to the safety of being transported for medical attention when needed. Know that my mother would not ask unless it were crucial and whatever is given will be used for the good of my precious sister. Love you guys! Thank you!

Here is their request as it is posted HERE:

Katie needs a wheelchair accessible van right away, because her 1990 conversion van seems to have seen its last days. Katie is 25 years old, and is chronically ill. She has a rare disease along with Cerebral Palsy, and the last 18 months or so she has had to be rushed to the hospital over a dozen times…usually late at night and sometimes very, very ill.

The van Katie currently has is not even starting, and we don’t know if it can be fixed or not. It has no AC at all; it has poor heat, and the windows are all falling in (seriously, the window seals are broken!); it leaks around the roof conversion and the windows, so there is a lot of water damage inside; it is simply falling apart.

If we raise some money but not a lot, we’ll use the money to fix the 1990 Chevy and see how long we can make it last, but I don’t know if we can get it going again. We really just need to replace it, and have found several options for just under $20,000, which are already converted with wheelchair accessibility.

Katie’s mom (that’s me, Cheri) runs her own business, but mostly is Katie’s full-time caretaker and can’t work a full-time professional job, so the money just is not there to go buy a new vehicle. We need help, and we need it quickly! Katie can never go out of town because her van has been unreliable, but now she can’t even go to church on Sunday or go across town! Even if all you can do is $10, or $10 a month to help with any loan we have to get, if 20 people gave $10 a month we might be able to afford payments on something….What a blessing and miracle that would be for us, and for Katie’s enjoyment and safety!

We may have about $3000 earned through some charitable organizations…But most people stop helping “kids” after they turn 18 or 21, and there are only 3 or 4 organizations that will help at all. We really need our friends to help out if they can.

Thank You!! for taking the time to read this. We appreciate you all!

Cheri & Katie

(NOTE: linking to gofundme.com should not be considered an endorsement from me of all needs and causes posted at gofundme.com. It is referenced for convenience. gofundme.com keeps 5% of all contributions. If you and/or your church want to give directly to the family, you can contact me here. Thank you.)

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