A September 23 Caution

No doubt, everyone should take a moment and consider the rapid increase of natural phenomena and epic cataclysmic natural disasters. Try reading a news report anywhere that doesn’t show pain and suffering is wide spread and the unknown news of war and terror is eminently looming.

What should we do with such news? We should do something. We should pray, repent, prepare to respond with kindness and compassion. But this is for sure, we must especially think biblically and speak carefully.

There are some today warning of September 23, 2017 as a day of major devastation. Is it? Or is it yet another day that will come and go and many will look back on this as yet another reason to not listen to Christians?

I’m asked from time to time about why I don’t speak about end times. I’m willing to look at all things related to the authority of revealed Scripture. Are there things happening today that speak about end days? Sure. But I must give direction to how I’ll talk about things and what I’ll say about things before I say them. (Oh,I wish I could do this all the time in my life.)

I submit a few things I instruct my lips to say or not to say in days like this for consideration:

  • Because we live in the era of the church, look for what pastors are saying. Not just any one who calls themselves a pastor, I’m talking about the kind of pastors that the bible identifies as biblically qualified and are held accountable to a local church. It is a right thing to examine what anyone reporting to be a pastor is saying with what his church says and then does his preaching and church agree with what the bible declares.
  • Stick with what is known. The bible is the only source that can be trusted. Any extra biblical proof texting is dangerous and unreliable. We are people of the Bible. Lean on what is known and in agreement with the bible.
  • Listen to what others are saying and weigh it against the Bible. The only authority that is reliable is the Bible. Stick with the Bible.
  • Humbly read your bible to know how to live in days like this. Do all that you can to live like this.
  • A weather model is not biblical authority.
  • Pray for those in the path of disasters.
  • Don’t forget that God is the active agent in all things. There is no storm path that acts out of the ruling authority of God.
  • Consider the warning of the wrath of God and be found a faithful repenting follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Call on all people everywhere to repent not because of weather or astrological alignment of stars but because of the biblical truth that all men everywhere are called to repentance and turn to Christ for forgiveness. This is our biblical mandate. This is our biblical foundation. Be known as a gospel herald not a date setting guesser.
  • Be disciplined to give attention to the public reading of Scripture. Let God speak to the nations.

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