Adoption of Worldly Methods are Insidious Inside the Church

The entire discussion panel at the Baptist21 meeting last week alongside of the SBC annual convention was very helpful. I recommend all ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ listen to the entire set of questions relating to 21st century Baptists.

The majority of the discussion was related to how a church today stays true to her duty of preaching the sufficiency of Scripture in relationship to the national discussion about marriage. Very helpful!

However, in the middle of a question about should churches offer support groups to converted homosexuals like we do divorce groups or those recovering from addiction. Where it is a good question the discussion quickly broadened to how churches should function in regards to the integration of all people with all kinds of issues of all ages. Dr. Akin, Dr. Moore, and Dr. Mohler all answered with compassion for anyone suffering in any sin of the flesh, but Dr. Mohler especially took to conversation here…

Where he doesn’t say churches should not segregate he clearly communicates the insidious marketing strategy of the world that most churches have adopted is of great danger inside the church. Where marketing strategies can show a notable progression from point A to point B or show steady numerical growth in a gradual, subtle way, many a church and church leaders, myself included, become oblivious to the harmful effects of HOW we do some things. We will convince ourselves that we should always be changing how we do things as long as we don’t change ‘the message’. I’ve done this. I’ve promoted this well meaning philosophy. I’ve been part of the strategy to rethink HOW we do some things.

Does Scripture speak at all to HOW to do some things? If so, how should the church and church leaders treat that instruction?

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire discussion panel, fast forward to about the 19 minute mark and listen in for the next several minutes, especially to Dr. Mohler’s response. The question, again, is about if churches should offer segregated support groups to converted homosexuals. Dr. Moore takes the conversation to where Dr. Mohler ends the discussion.

Let me know what you think.

B21 Panel – SBC 2015 from Baptist21 on Vimeo.

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