An Appeal to Fellow Preachers: It Is A Day For Preaching

This coming Lord’s Day for the preacher (at least for this preacher) is an exciting moment. It is the one day of the year where the church house has the potential of being full to the brim. It is a day when everyone expects you to be on your “A Game” for preaching. (by “A Game” they mean funny, cool, and a short sermon) It is a day where everyone expects to hear of the resurrection of Christ. It is a day of potential new beginnings with people who may have become sluggish in their attendance or involvement. It is a day for preaching!

On the one hand, it is a day like none other. On the other hand, it is like every other Lord’s Day gathering. It is a day for preaching!

There has been a growing trend over the years for less preaching and more entertainment to take place on Resurrection Day. After all, there may be more unbelievers willing to attend a church service on this day and we don’t want to hit them with too much churchy preaching, so let’s give them a softer church experience. No preacher, it is a day for preaching!

I say to my fellow preaching preacher friends; Preach this weekend. Preach like a Richard Baxter of old when he said, “I preach as a dying man to dying men.”

Go home on Resurrection Day satisfied that you have preached. Don’t give the day over to softer things because it may win you the applause of men. Exhaust yourself of yourself and give them Jesus!

It is a day for preaching!

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