An Appeal to Governor Otter

I sent this letter to Governor Otter, very similar to the appeal I made on Friday at the Twin Falls County Courthouse.


To: Governor Otter                                                                                                May 16, 2014
the State of Idaho

Dear Governor Otter

I respect the boldness you have taken on the defense of marriage. I plead with you as a reasonable citizen to not change the language of “Groom” and “Bride” to “Applicant A” and “Applicant B” on the Idaho marriage license application.

I respect that you have a fiduciary responsibility to all citizens in our great state. I’m not asking you to hinder anyone from having this legal document. I’m asking you to honor our grand history of having the terms “Bride” and “Groom” on all historic records in our state.

May all who apply for this license have the pleasure of the strong history of the founders of our state constitution. Please do not neutralize the historical beauty of the language because of a federal judge ruling. Hold tightly to our heritage, the heritage of the pioneer west that did what few others would dare to do. Be this kind of governor, our nation needs your boldness. Rise up, and lead forth.

At the least, our history deserves more than a simple change in language.

Please respond in writing explaining why this kind of change would even be considered without respect of the wishes of the good citizens of Idaho.

Thank you for your long service and good care to the needs of all who reside in Idaho.

As a minister of the Gospel of the Lord, Jesus the Christ, I appeal to you to keep a language that finds favor with our Creator. May God bless Idaho.
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Paul Thompson

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