An Inspection of the Foundation

(The first title I had for this post was “Why I’m Not A Republican Even Though I Usually Vote Republican”, but this is more than a political post and it might scare some and even anger others to discover I’m not a -registered- Republican.)

I’m getting ready to make preparations to move my mom to Idaho in May. To do so requires the duty of making sure the home she buys is well built and all things are in order for her when she arrives. The last step in the process is the home inspection. If that is not in good order or at least repairable then it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Well there are other foundations that need inspection today. In the great land of the free, America, many things appear to be changing quickly. An inspection of the foundation is in order to determine where attention is needed or disaster is waiting to happen, if it’s not too late.

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

Here are four areas I decided to take a closer look at. I think they are all critical but one is of greatest interest for me.

  1. Activist Judges
  2. Sellout Politicians (mainly Republicans) Two Republican Govenors (Georgia and Utah)
  3. A Castration of the Nation
  4. A Church without a Voice

I’ll start with the easy and move to the more complex and painful but most needed.

Activist Judges: When a judge views the constitution of the United States as a living document they are not being true to their duty. A fair judge has a standard that they are bound to measure the actions against. It is not a duty of a judge to make a law or give way to break a law, they are to judge or make a judgment upon a fixed standard established by the law of the land. They do have a duty to give an interpretation or an opinion but that’s as far as their duty goes. To go further is a breach of duty.

When judges do not do their duty they make way for lawlessness.

O dear God, give us judges that are not afraid to judge against a fixed standard.

Sellout politicians: It is almost cliche. It almost makes being a politician a dishonorable office to hold. It is too bad that the word politician is nearly bankrupt of meaning. This is the primary reason I am not a Republican. The tragedy is obvious and I argue not all politicians are sellouts. I’m sure my deceased Democrat grandfather would argue his political party that sold out to a more progressive worldly platform has become less like they once were.

Nearly every time I write a letter to my governor I become increasingly disappointed with the replies. (Sure, his recent conceal gun law makes him popular but his weakness in regards to the defending an unborn child in the womb makes him more a sellout than a hero.)

Two other politicians (and I don’t mean any of the candidates running for president) are note worthy before I press on.

  1. the Republican governor of Georgia (Governor Deal): His decision this week to veto a law that his state was pressing through legislation will likely be a landmark kind of decision. This was a law that would give protections to pastors to not be required to preform “same-sex” marriages. This is a veto from a Republican, but more striking is that he’s a member of First Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia. (A little investigation of FBC Gainesville will tip the reader off that his church is less Baptist and more humanistic, but that’s getting into my final examination.) Just to be clear; I am not the same kind of Baptist as Governor Deal or FBC Gainsville.
  2. the Republican governor of Utah (Governor Herbert): With respect, I’m beside myself with this very pro-life governor. With respect to my friends in Utah, I have been impressed with your governor from afar. Also, with respect, I’m not sure I understand the law completely. But at second glance… I’m perplexed.
    A law passed on March 28, 2016 requiring doctors to give anesthesia to women getting an abortion after the 20 week mark of pregnancy based on research that shows ‘fetus’ pain at this stage. At first, it has the appearance of compassion – then it strikes me as strange; is it compassionate to block the pain of a fetus while murdering it? No! this is a most strange law. Governor Herbert, why not pass a law that protects that unborn child?

Well, I could say more and go further on both of these, but studies show most people don’t read blog posts past the 500 word count point and I’m past the 750 word count right now and two more issues to go.

O dear God, help your people rise up an elect men and women who will not sell out.

The Castration of the Nation: There’s much to say here. First let me say I’m mostly meaning this figuratively, even though I don’t mean to not address the actual mutilation of the body in pursuit of gender confusion. I’ll say less here, but hear the less as only in content not mass.

A nation without gender separation has frankly taken a sledgehammer to the foundation and making fast work at destruction.

To acknowledge male and female as unique and distinctly beautiful is no weak position to take. It is rather to live in agreement that God wonderfully and fearfully made us male and female. A nation that legislates laws or appoints judges who ignore this of nature and nature’s God is foolish and weak.

O dear God, raise up a generation in this land of men and women who respects each other and honors you.

Finally, A Church without a Voice: There is nearly no place to begin or end on this examination. By the grace of God; in this day of activist judges ruling from emotion rather than standard, politicians selling out to money and agenda rather than the principle that gets them elected, and increasing confusion of strength we have in the gender specific creation ordained by God, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ has a most critical role and duty.

It’s not a ruling duty. It’s not an agenda. It’s not limited to men or women. Rather, it is a duty to speak truth; to be a fixed standard, a pillar and buttress of truth. O church, do you not know this? The weight of a nation built on truth must have a church that does her duty.

O dear God, give voice to your church. May she speak forth into this dark day. It is indeed a good day to be the church.

As the day gets darker the need is clear that a light must shine forth.

Not a light that is no light at all, but a lamp; well, like the kind a miner puts on in search of great treasures in the dark parts of the earth. A light that illuminates and reveals. A light that aids and even comforts. A light that warms. A light that attracts.

A light that cause men everywhere to tremble at the beauty of the kindness and severity of God.

What does this nation need? O she doesn’t know it, she doesn’t want to acknowledge it, but she needs a church that will do her duty. Church, if your pillar and buttress is not built on a proper, right, true foundation, you leave the nation at risk. Great risk!

What can the righteous do? Behold (look)! And then tell all of what you find.

  • There is a trustworthy standard to know what you are looking at, the Bible.
  • Don’t sell yourself out for a lesser treasure.
  • Respect and submit to Him who created them male and female.
  • Live in a worthily way in this dark day and speak of this treasure you find to all.

“For the LORD is righteous, He loves righteousness; the upright will behold His face.” (Psalm 11:7)


  • Billy Galloska

    March 29, 2016 at 10:44 AM Reply

    Didn’t count the words lol, but read and agree to the end!

    • Paul

      March 29, 2016 at 10:48 AM Reply

      Billy, may the LORD help us. To our duty!

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