An Old Question Worth Asking Today

The question is an old question. Maybe you should ask yourself today…

“If someone were to observe your life over the past month or two would they be able to identify that you are indeed a follower of Christ?

The apostle Paul instructed the members of the church in Corinth (2 Corinthians 13:5 NASB) to “test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you—unless indeed you fail the test?” This kind of examination should be done carefully but it is expected that we look at ourselves, is there recognizable behavior in your life that identifies you as a disciple of Christ.

The caution is to the true convert and to the false convert.

Here may be some places for examination.

  • Where is your bible right now?
    • This is complicated today, because your bible may be on your mobile device.
    • When is the last time you read it with the desire to hear from God?
  • Do you hunger and thirst for Righteousness?
    • What are you hungry for?
    • What are you thirsty for?
  • Are you praying?
    • What do you pray about?
    • Who do you pray for?
    • Do you pray for you?
    • Who are you praying with?
  • Look at your internet history (all devices)
    • As you do this, look at the sites you frequent.
    • Are you captivated with fashion?
    • Are you in bondage? The amount of time and when you are doing something may help you answer that question.
    • Are you spending massive blocks of time playing silly games?
    • Are you in more online discussion with faceless people than your own household?
  • Look at your wardrobe.
    • Has your wardrobe changed over the past six months or year? if so, is it because of need or driven by fashion? What kind of money are you spending here?
    • Are your clothes revealing more of you than they did in years past? Do those clothes draw the attention of others to features of your body?
    • Does the standard of your Lord rule your wardrobe?
  • Look at your social network activity.
    • Look at your social networking activity in general.
    • Do your photos generate comments or ‘likes’ from people that make you feel good about you? If so, are you posting these photos to do this for you?
    • Are you hiding conversations from your spouse or parents?
    • Look at the time stamps you are posting. And notice what time people are liking and commenting on your photos.
  • Look at your text messages.
    • Does anxiety grip you if someone looked at your text messages?
    • Does your spouse have access to your phone and all messaging apps?
    • If you are married, are you texting another’s spouse?
    • If you are single, are you texting married people of the opposite sex recreational or silly converstions.
  • Look at your spending habits.
    • Do you have a spending plan that involves submitting all of your spending to your slave master?
      • look closely here, your slave master is demanding you… now, who is your slave master?
  • Look at your music play lists.
    • Music is strong. Are you in defense of culture or truth?
  • Look at your reading material (online and in print)
    • The ability to read is spectacular. Does your reading reflect the glory of God or your flesh?
  • Look at your close, influencing friends.
    • Who are you giving influencing sway into your life?
    • Are you speaking the gospel into the lives of your unconverted friends?
    • Would you want your parents, spouse or children to participate with you while with your friends?
    • Do you think your friends are not or will not have influence on you?
  • Look at your sleeping habits.
    • Much of the previous examination will speak into this practice as anything.
    • This will influence your willingness to obey God as much as any other.
    • Does your physical alertness impact your obedience to what God wants from you.
  • Look at your marriage.
    • Does your spouse get your best effort?
    • Does your spouse get your best time?
    • Does your spouse get your attention?
  • Look at your relationship with your parents.
    • Are you honoring your parents when you are not around them?
    • Do you want to know what your parents have to say on a subject?
  • Look at your relationship with your church family.
    • Is there something that someone in your church family needs from you?
    • Could another family in your church benefit from a phone call or visit from your family?
    • Are you the last to arrive and the first to leave, avoiding accountability moments with other believers?

This is not to be considered an exhaustive examination. You know your life better than any other. Ask probing questions and give honest answers. Be prepared to make adjustments as God gives you a growing love for his commandments.

Do you love the commands of God? I’m not saying, do you love to do things that you hate (the commands of God)? I mean do you love the commands of God? Is He indeed your Lord?

True convert, don’t become depressed as you see evidence of the winning ways of the world on your life, rather, rejoice that you see it, repent and ask God for help. False convert, be careful that your pride doesn’t blind you into not seeing just how much the world owns you, repent and call upon the Lord and follow.

It’s not uncommon for a believer to evaluate his/her life for evidence of the world. Be sure that your standard is Scripture and not another person. The standard of Scripture does not put you at danger of legalism. It’s when your standard is another person that you are at risk of legalism. It is proper that a lord gives commands to his subjects. It’s helpful that the Lord, Jesus the Christ, give us his word. Heed it and obey.

This is not a wicked doctrine of sinless perfection. A true convert knows that even on his best day, in his own effort, he deserves hell. This is about a redeemed subject giving himself to his Lord.


If you find it difficult to love the commands of God, ask him to change your affection.

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