An Open Letter: Eastside Baptist

To the Lord’s people who gather at 204 Eastland Drive North in Twin Falls, Idaho,

First, I bring you greetings from my parents. They have been faithful over their years to obey the Lord in his directing of their steps. They speak kindly of you with affection for your generous gift of time for me to help them. I also bring you greetings from a dear people of Second Baptist Church in Amarillo. They ask of you every time I am with you. I am happy to inform them of how the Lord has blessed you.

It is with great anticipation that I gather with you on this coming Lord’s Day, July 7, 2013. You have been extremely kind to me to allow me an extended time of leave to tend to my aging parents in Amarillo, TX. I do not know how to express this joy better than a simple letter.

As many of you know, my father’s health has been uncertain (and a reminder that really none of us have a guarantee of health). In the past year and a half the Lord has granted physical strength to my dad as he has recovered from two broken hips and a broken back. The time you allowed me has been valuable to all of us; my parents, Renee and I, and, I believe, for you as well. I was able to accomplish some physical things around my parents home, spend long days with my parents and Renee’s grandparents, and especially some refreshing days in my spirit.

I bless the Lord for John Martinez and his faithfulness. He is a faithful friend and know that he loves you very much.

We were encouraged when Silas and Bianca arrived and made the long journey home with us. I’m humbled in the Lord for a family like mine. I received word of your kindness toward David and Emily while I was away. This was a sweet act of kindness and ministered to me when I heard word of your generosity.

I bless the Lord for the care you have given to each other while I was away. You have experienced sorrow and joy while I was away and I have experience the same with you even in my absence. I have had reports of your care for each other and for this I am encouraged.

I am moments away from visiting Brad and Aly to introduce myself to Avery Jayne.

I long to gather with you on Sunday.


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