An Open Letter to Eastside Baptist Church

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The saints who gather at
204 Eastland Drive North in Twin Falls, Idaho

To the Lord’s people at Eastside Baptist Church,

It is my hope in the Lord that this correspondence finds you well and in a persevering hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I often say that it is a good day to be the church and I do indeed believe that it is. Even though we are in a day of fast paced moral and spiritual decline I’m hopeful for a strong, healthy and vibrant church.

We are on a journey with the Lord that has only showed us a portion of the glory of God.

  • The Lord has equipped us to plant churches in the region over the past decade.
  • By the grace of God, your pastors have voluntarily undergone seasons of reduction of pay and adjustment of financial supplement for the advancement of the gospel.
  • As a church, we have tasted the goodness of God by helping us through an unusual time four years ago while under international scrutiny.
  • The Lord supplied us with the resources to build a new meeting house debt free. While we still have more to accomplish to finish the occupancy permit, we are grateful for the Lord’s provision.
  • Today, God is providing the resources for a girls’ home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

God has called upon you to make some culturally unpopular changes in the past several years, and it appears there are more to come as the moral compass of our nation leads us treacherously close to freefall decadence. In spite of this ongoing shift, God calls us to joyful obedience. It is my intention to boldly lead you through unknown days.

It is my intention in writing you today to encourage you to remain faithful. I don’t have any special insight on what is on the horizon for the Lord’s church, His bride, but Scripture clearly shows us that we are called upon by the Lord Jesus Christ to obedience, always submitting ourselves to His Lordship.

I look forward to assembling with you this coming Lord’s Day, Resurrection Sunday!

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Paul Thompson
Pastor, Eastside Baptist Church

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