An Open Letter to the Church at Eastside Baptist

Dear Eastside Baptist,

You have displayed grace, kindness and generosity to me and my family many times this year. As many of you know, I left for what is sure to be the last days I will have the opportunity to see my dad before his passing.

When I arrived here last Monday morning my little brother Mark met me at the airport and took me to the Texas Homestead (as my mom likes to call it.)

My dad has been home since Friday, October 17. He is under compassionate hospice care at home and doing very good. He’s slowing moving through expected stages of the dying process.

I’ve learned so much this week and count every moment as a treasure. I’ve thought of you often and prayed for you. I’ve remembered times I’ve walked with some of you as your loved ones have journeyed  through these similar days, I’ve not known this level of emotional pain and realize I’ve not given as good of care to some of you as I wish I would have. Please forgive my lack of compassionate care.

I commend you for the care you are giving to Daryl and Natasha.  I hear of your care for them and I want to thank you. I thank our God for you every day. Please greet them for me.

If you have not heard yet, let me tell you that the news of David’s diagnosis of Leukemia has been removed and the doctors continue to investigate possible causes of his prolonged sickness. This is no small thing that we count as the kindness of God. Thank you for your continuing prayer.

When my dad passes, and it appears to be very soon, Renee and our boys and their wives will make the drive to Amarillo.

Thank you, once again. I encourage you to not miss a moment of gathering with this dear church body over the next several Sunday’s and Wednesday’s. I commit to you trustworthy men, who will do a diligent duty of the exhortation of Scripture. Listen to them closely, weigh what they have to say against Scripture and obey the Spirit immediately.  We are in among the most exciting days in the history of the church in America. Stand firm. Speak the Gospel. Call all men unto repentance. Worship with purpose. Greet each other with compassion. Above all, honor the Lord.

Pray for me as I minister to my family and while I’m being ministered to by some dear people at Second Baptist Church and my extended family. They greet you as well. Thank you, and may the favor of God fall upon your gathering this morning.

With joy in the Lord,

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Paul Thompson

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