An Open Letter to the Church at Quail Creek

Dear pastor Kyle Clayton and the Lord’s church at Quail  Creek, Amarillo, TX,

This past week I had the opportunity to travel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with one of you, Frank DeRight. I’ve known Frank all of my life but not until this past week have I ever traveled overseas on a ministry/mission trip with him.

I want to just take a short moment to tell you that I found Frank to be as helpful in the good Gospel work as I expected he would be. I believe you would be and are proud of his eagerness to be on-mission.

He came prepared and willing to do all that was needed and expected. His courage to travel to Port-au-Prince alone and wait for the rest of the ministry team to arrive from Idaho was of the kind of courage you would expect of a Joshua or a Gideon.

You sent him with sufficient supplies for our girls’ home (New Horizon Home). You sent the kind of man needed for the day. You sent one prepared with the gospel banner on his shoulder and not hidden in his back pocket.

He was kind to our children, generous with kindness and willing to do anything needed. He offered good advice on the assessment of our new home. But most of all he understands the gospel and has the capacity to speak of this hope he has in Christ to all he came across; young, old, male, female, English-speaking or Haitian-Creole (with the aid of a translator.) You sent us a giant of a man in the faith.

Thank you for not sending a humanitarian or one seeking selfish vainglory. You sent a brother prepared in all ways.

I’ve attached a few pictures I thought you might enjoy. Many of you helped by sending Frank with needed supplies and resources May the Lord bless your kindness.

We thank God for all of you, for the glory of God alone.





  • beverly Zearley

    January 21, 2015 at 11:37 AM Reply

    This is AWESOME!! What a servant of God!!

    • Paul

      January 21, 2015 at 12:51 PM Reply

      It was a pleasure to have Frank with us.

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