Anniversary Announcement

Engagement Picture: 1985 (more pictures to come)
Engagement Picture: 1985 (more pictures to come)

I would like to announce the wedding anniversary of me to Teresa Renee. The anniversary will take place on December 20, 2012. It will be the 26th year of remembrance of a grand and glorious day.

This is the actual picture used in our hometown newspapers of Clovis, New Mexico and Trinidad, Colorado.

This photo was taken with cutting edge photography in 1985. It was taken with actual 35mm film that was developed in a photo lab somewhere in New Mexico.

Here are a couple of random observations of this 46 year old man looking at that 20 year old goober standing next to that beautiful 19 year old.

Let’s address the obvious then move on from there. First: “how does a goof (that’s an 80’s term of endearment)  like that get a babe (that’s 80’s lingo) like that?” (***disclaimer #1*** I’ve never referred to Renee as a “babe” in fear of being beaten to a pulp. ***disclaimer #2*** Renee has never beaten me to a pulp. ***disclaimer #3*** she could if she wanted to, I think. *** disclaimer #4*** I’ve always thought a night on the couch as extremely uncomfortable. ***disclaimer #5*** We have since bought a more comfortable couch. ***disclaimer #6*** someone should stop me now, we still don’t own a blanket that keeps me warm out here. I should have retrieved a pillow before I wrote this.)

Now on to a few more observations.

  • I don’t remember having two eyebrows.
  • I should have considered looking in the mirror to comb my hair.
  • That is a very narrow tie.
  • I can’t wear that size of shirt anymore.

But look who I’m still standing next to as we announce our upcoming wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Announcement


  • cbethcrochet

    December 19, 2012 at 7:14 PM Reply

    This was a really funny post. 🙂 Happy anniversary, you two lovebirds!

  • Paul

    December 29, 2012 at 10:14 AM Reply

    Thanks Beth! It was a good day.

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