Are You Clinging to Your Sin?

Evil kings of the historic divided kingdom of Israel are known for their sinning ways. It is an important observation to make about their ways and their words.

Yesterday, as we were examining 2nd (not two) kings chapter 3 there were familiar terms and new terms the historian used to describe the actions of an evil ruler.

The familiar marker? “He did evil in the sight of the LORD…”

The new phrase? “He clung to the sins of Jeroboam… and did not depart from them.”

This is note worthy: What does it say about someone who clings to sins and does not depart from them? What does it say about someone who behaves like that and talks like one who is obeying God? This is critical.

To cling to a sin means that you are essentially defending yourself for sinning and promoting this sin to others. Then to not depart from that sin is not humility before God, but rather arrogance.

Are you clinging to your sin? While claiming allegiance to God? Then you are a double minded person, unstable in all of your ways (according to James 1:8)

Take an evaluation of your words and actions, they say it all.

When you defend your movie watching ways, does it start with…

  • That was the best movie of the year… too bad they had to put so much foul language and cursing of God and nudity and disobedience of law and flaunt adultery and romance immorality… other than that, wow, best movie ever

When you defend your getting drunk with…

  • I drink responsibly. I know my limits. I never, never drive after drinking (usually). I don’t drink very often. I only drink on special occasions (there were a lot of special occasions last month). I don’t drink around children.

When you are doing your taxes…

  • Everybody cheats on their taxes. Who’s even going to check in on these deductions. I was paid for that job with cash, if I report it on my taxes it may get my friend in trouble when the IRS cross checks my report. The IRS is unconstitutional anyway. They have no right to tax me like that anyway. I don’t approve of how the government spends its money.

When it comes to paying rent/car payment/bills…

  • That land-lord doesn’t deserve my payment this month because they haven’t fixed that screen door. I’ve got friends who want me to spend time with them and that costs money, my electric bill is just too high this month for me to pay, if I call them they will threaten to shut the power off (how dare they…), I’ll just put it off until next month. This has been a stressful month, my spouse and I haven’t been able to do anything together in a long time, we are going out to eat and a movie to relax (we deserve it).

At church…

  • I would give but I spent all my money this month on movie going, recreational drinking, immorality, fraud, myself. Tithing is an Old Testament thing. God understands that I want to give but can’t, after all, how would it look if I can’t pay my land lord because I gave to my church.

and a hundred, a thousand, other sins we cling to, promote, and defend.

All of this while presenting oneself loyal to God and devoted to His ways.

This is evidence of one who is clinging to sin; defending and promoting offence to God while presenting themselves as loyal adherents to the bible and the God of the Bible.

This is what the historian is saying about Jehoram, the evil son of evil Ahab, when he says “he did evil in the sight of God.” and that “he clung to the sins of Jeroboam” and that “he did not depart from them.”

To the examination room, Christian. Lay down upon that examination table and turn on that lamp of Scripture. Let that lamp go to the dark places, the protected places; let this lamp show you of your promoting ways of sin and your stubborn rebellion of not repenting. Stop lying to yourself and get the rest your weary, burdened soul is so thirsty for. Come home to Jesus. Until you turn on this lamp of Scripture you will not see these sins lurking in your soul.

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