Backyard Buffet and Some Autumn Solitude

At meal time in my house we are blessed to have guests. Sometimes those guests are birds of a feather or even this frequent visitor that inspired Renee’s entry into the annual Art & Soul of the Magic Valley art contest.

Feel free to share this and encourage others in the area to vote for the Backyard Buffet on display at God Inspired Clothing and Special thanks to Phil and Linda Brugger for sponsoring Renee’s entry in the Art & Soul of the Magic Valley art contest.

Backyard Buffet - #
Backyard Buffet – #6-135; Renee Thompson

The piece Renee entered is in the ceramic category. The official ceramic page is HERE. When I vote I will vote category # 6-135

Feel free to share this and encourage others in the area to vote for the Autumn Solitude on display at Rudy’s, A Cooks Paradise and Special thanks to C.Loren Butler for sponsoring Silas’ entry in the Art & Soul of the Magic Valley art contest.

Autumn Solitude
Autumn Solitude #6-035; Silas Thompson

The piece Silas entered is in the painting category. The official painting page is HERE. When I vote, I’ll be including #6-035.

The contest is largely decided by popular vote. Winners are selected by art critics like you and me. The process is rather complicated and requires more voter security than a presidential election process. So let me help you navigate the process. Full instructions for online voting is HERE.

Step one: Register in person at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts headquarters (195 River Vista Place, Twin Falls, Idaho). Voting headquarters is open Monday – Thursday noon – 6 pm and Friday/Saturday noon – 8 pm. At the registration you will be given your individual voter ID and password, voting instructions are online after you get your voter ID and password.

Step two: Everyone voting is required to vote for your top 13 choices. (that’s a lot of choices.) There are 13 categories of art to choose from but you’re not required to vote in each category. You are not required to vote in each category but my suggestion is that you only vote for one in the ceramic category and one in the oil category (but that is only my suggestion, you should do what ever you want to do.)

Step three: Submit your vote before the deadline on April 30.

Step four: Enjoy the great art pieces throughout the city for the next few weeks.

If traveling here from out of town to vote consider a few other things: Shoshone Falls, Chick-fil-A for lunch, Happy Hour with Paul at Sonic from 2pm-4pm everyday of the week and visit us at Eastside Baptist on Sunday if your visit from out of town requires you stay the night on Saturday night.

For the curious: here is the dinner guest that inspired the Backyard Buffet.



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