Beware of the Dogs

Be on the look out…

Warnings in the bible are not just taking up space on the page. They are there for a reason.

This warning in Philippians 3:2 is not a warning at a house to warn a passerby of a k-9 guarding his territory. This is a warning of roaming dogs claiming territory as part of its domain. A ‘cur’ with the look of killer in his eyes and on the loose.

The Apostle Paul wants the apple of God’s eye to know that there is a danger roaming with a deadly disease. The bride of Christ, the church, must know that there is a cur on the loose, an enemy of grace.

O dear church, these dogs, these evil workers, these false professors who put no confidence Christ and all confidence in the flesh, they are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This coming Lord’s Day, March 19, we will pick up these warning and give heed according.

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