Chaplain John the Baptizer

I spent Saturday with Chaplain, Captain John Martinez from the 116th at the Battle Buddy Run. Here’s the day in pictures from our team photographer, Silas Thompson.


the Battle Buddy run was a non-timed, team event; teams were “sent” into battle about 3 minutes apart.


Razor wire and barbed wire.


Do not follow my poor gun safety in real life.


the foreground is a peaceful autumn picture, the drill Sargent making fun of my push up attempts was not so peaceful.


Hard to breath through these gas masks standing still, but my battle buddy wouldn’t let me quit.


At least I get a free shirt for doing this.


The last time I ate an MRE was in a Haitian jail. “You’re gonna love the Mac. and Cheese.” spoken by the NBC reporter


Who’s idea was this?


1… 2… 3… lift!


“Don’t shoot ’till you see the white of their eyes.”


Safety First!


“What happens if the rope snaps?”


I’m going to sit down over here and cry for a moment.

This is what it’s like to spend the day with the chaplain. It was clear throughout the day that I was with a man who cares for the soldiers and he’s respected by the soldiers… but most of all he knows how to end the day better than any chaplain I know…




the Hornet Nest

GERecently on a hiking trip I came across a hornet nest. When I travel through the wild wilderness I travel with a respect to what I may come across. This hornet nest was was nearly transparent, meaning I didn’t see it as I began my look through the aspen grove. But once I saw it, I could not keep my eyes off of it. A swarm of hornets may be more of a concern to a hiker than a mama bear with cubs.




What does one do about a hornet nest?

  • leave it alone?
  • throw a rock at it?
  • ignore it?
  • acknowledge it?
  • mark it?
  • warn others of it?

This has me working on a strategic plan on how I want to handle Planned Parenthood.

  • I can’t leave it alone, but knowing that there are risks…
  • I can’t throw a rock at it
  • I can’t ignore it
  • I must call it out for what it is
  • It must be marked for what it is
  • I must give a clear warning.

I have other observations of the hornet nest discovery that I’ll share in the future but wanted to get these thoughts started in my mind while the passing of the hornet nest was fresh on my mind. The presence of a hornet nest is no object to ignore.

Intentional Apathy

If the past 42 years is any indication, the church will soon forget the  horrors of what has been happening in the United States of America since 1973 again.

Over 50 million babies have been intentionally murdered in the name of convenience. Laws have been passed since 1973 to protect the practice of the inhumane, barbaric, godless behavior of a people with a seared conscience.

What kind of nation does that?

An immoral nation does that!

We have a moment in time to speak into this issue again. Defunding Planned Parenthood does not eliminate the practice of abortion in the nation, it is simply a starting point that must happen. The sanctity of life is a God honoring duty that cannot be reduced simply to a political issue.

We must engage on this matter with our government. Press them to defund, press them to investigate, press them to incarcerate law breakers, press them to abolish all abortion.

The first day of the hearing to defund Planned Parenthood of federal funds was September 9, 2015. The opening day hearing lasted over three hours. It is long and at times difficult to endure. But listen to me, Planned Parenthood must be defunded. The testimony is horrific at times, unthinkable even. The defense of abortion is insulting to all of humanity and unconscionable at all levels.

You may want to consider gathering your entire family together to watch the opening day testimony and questioning of the witnesses.

You need to be prepared to be shocked.

Don’t waste the day, rather redeem it for the glory of God. Activate your family and motivate your church to press the government to start with defunding Planned Parenthood so long as they offer abortions to women. Continue to press for outlawing abortion all together.

Begin asking God to raise up our sons and daughters to run for public office until this godless murdering of infants and unborn children is stopped.

Who asked the government to have a hand in parenthood anyway? Perhaps it was an intentionally apathetic church. To not want to know what is happening behind the closed doors of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers is an intentional posture that eventually leads us down the road of not caring.

God, forgive us.

God, help us.

All 3 and 1/2  hours of opening day testimony and questions. If you watch anything the movie industry produces or network/cable television then your children are not too young to hear what is going on every day in our nation to babies. Don’t protect them from the horror of this while you subject them to the horror of the morality of the secular culture; prepare them, instruct them, equip them, expect them to want to God fearing activists. We must stop raising intentionally apathetic generations.

Testimony from Gianna Jessen

This 7 minute clip from this morning’s hearing on Capitol Hill is from Gianna Jessen. Be sure to listen all the way to the end, strong testimony of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • “We are not a nation without options.”
  • “I wish to speak to the men listening to me, ‘… you were born to defend women and children, not to use and abandon us, nor sit idle while you know we are being harmed and I’m asking you to be brave.'”

May the Lord raise up men who will stand strong and protect women and children from the murdering machine of Planned Parenthood.

Funding Hearing on Planned Parenthood

The following clips are from opening statements this morning at the hearing on Capitol Hill concerning the funding of Planned Parenthood with tax payer supported funds. There is clearly a difference between the two views and there is no secret that I have a strong desire for the U.S. Government to stop its funding of Planned Parenthood so long as they offer abortions.

This first clip is just under 6 minutes from Rep. Franks from Arizona. This is his entire opening statement to the committee hearing.

This clip is from Rep. Steve Cohan from Tennessee. This is his entire opening statement to the house committee hearing this morning.

The entire first day (3 and 1/2 hour) hearing can be viewed here.

A Clear Conscience Before God

With eyes wide open to the mercies of God, I beg you, my brothers, as an act of intelligent worship, to give him your bodies, as a living sacrifice, consecrated to him and acceptable by him. Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mold, but let God re-mold your minds from within, so that you may prove in practice that the plan of God for you is good, meets all his demands and moves towards the goal of true maturity. (Romans 12:1-2 JB Phillips)

SilasJailWhere I don’t know Kim Davis, the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, I do know this… it is clear we live in a land that is increasingly behaving arrogantly toward God. I get that the court had a duty to uphold a law of the high court, I don’t find fault in this decision… but as a man of faith and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, as defined by the Holy Bible, I rejoice in the Lord for the boldness of that county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky.

If I still had children in my home under my authority,

  • I would gather them around me tonight and explain to them that today in our country an imperfect woman, who made a lot of mistakes before she was rescued from the wrath of God, had other options, but chose to obey her God as she understood His word rather than men.
  • I would explain to them that we do live in a land with laws and this family obeys those laws.
  • I would explain to them that there may be some laws that would cause us to disobey God’s character, nature or laws. I would explain that this is no small thing to consider and that in reality there will not be many times we will have to make that kind of decision. 
  • I would explain as much as possible about how the national media is using her stand for God to ridicule her and us. We can use the media to train our hearts to not grow weary and even to keep us humble before God.
  • I would explain to them, even if you disagreed with her choice to go this route, that we will pray for her. Today, in our land, a professing believer was arrested because she chose not to be squeezed into a mold and to comply with the demands of offenders of God.
  • I would explain to them that we must learn to become bold proclaimers of the grace of God while we stand our ground.
  • I would retell them the story of Daniel.
  • I would retell them the story of the three Hebrew young men.
  • I would retell them the story of Peter, James, John, Paul, John Bunyan, Corrie ten Boom, Steve McMullin, Silas Thompson, Drew Culberth, Jim Allen, and Saeed Abedini.
  • I would tell them, “I want you to believe as bravely as they and take every opportunity you can to speak of the certain wrath of God to come, and then get straight way to the gospel as clearly and quickly as possible.”
  • I would explain to them that this will likely not be the last time we hear of this happening in our land.
  • I would assure them that we are not of those who shrink back from our faith (Hebrews 10:39).
  • I would then ask them if they have any questions.
  • I would then pray.

There is enough to read about this story that my little musing is nearly unnecessary. I expected the court to arrest her and I expect the LGBTQ… community and supporters to live in a season of frenzied glee. This will increase their pride.

“Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. “Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I removed them when I saw it. “Furthermore, Samaria did not commit half of your sins, for you have multiplied your abominations more than they. Thus you have made your sisters appear righteous by all your abominations which you have committed. “Also bear your disgrace in that you have made judgment favorable for your sisters. Because of your sins in which you acted more abominably than they, they are more in the right than you. Yes, be also ashamed and bear your disgrace, in that you made your sisters appear righteous. (Ezekiel 16:49-52 NASB)

Church, humble yourself before the Lord this day. Don’t allow yourself to be molded by the squeezing pressure of those who hate God.

The best places to get information on this matter are primary sources. Kim Davis’ legal counsel Liberty Counsel has been the place where I’ve learned the most. If left to the media, you will only get what the media wants to tell you, and their agenda is to move your thinking away from truth so it can transform your thinking. We live in a day where primary sources are available within moments. Become a better informed follower of Christ. Don’t assume that a media source that is considered “Christian”  or conservative is necessarily informing you from a primary source intent.

It is, as I argue always, a good day to be the church!

From Liberty Counsel

Today, Federal Judge Bunning ordered Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis to be taken into custody by federal marshals and to remain in jail until she agrees to issue licenses for same-sex marriage bearing her name.

The plaintiffs did not even request incarceration, but Judge Bunning said that financial fines were not enough and ordered her to jail.

Kim Davis is being treated as a criminal because she cannot violate her conscience. While she may be behind bars for now, Kim Davis is a free woman. Her conscience remains unshackled.


Comply or Get Out of the Way

Judge Williams from Alabama, County Clerk Kim Davis from Kentucky, County Clerk Criner from Texas have not bowed, along with legal counsel from liberty Counsel; all convinced the Supreme Court was wrong in the June ruling in favor of redefining marriage to include same-sex couples.

Judge Williams; “when you’re elected, you don’t check your beliefs at the door. If you’re a true believer, you can’t seperate that from who you are.” (1)

Where the dirt dug up to discredit Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis, on her fourth marriage, would appear to be enough to silence her plight, she has only been a christian for less than four years. Yes, she has a history.

Now, with a duty to appear in federal court on Thursday morning (Sept. 3, 2015) to face a judge on charges of being in contempt, Davis will soon know the boldness of those three Hebrew young men facing the fury of a raging Babylonian king.

Everything seems stacked against her. The modern day “king” (LGBTQ) is a raging fury bent on demanding all bow as the music plays.

Keep you personal beliefs checked at the door, that’s what everybody else does.” Jonathan Lovitz – vice president of external affairs at the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

But not this county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky with a messy history, redeemed by a sufficient Savior, Jesus the Christ.

In an attemt to force all in the land to do as they (LGBTQ) demand, the anger and angst against true Christians increases.

 “Is it true that you do not serve my gods or worship the golden image that I have set up?” (Daniel 3:14)

Thursday morning, Kim Davis will be called into federal court to be told to comply.

“…what god is there who can deliver you out of my hands?” (Daniel 3:15)

May the favor of God rest upon this redeemed saint with the boldness Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego found in the peace of God.

“If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver… But even if He does not, let it be known… that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.” (Daniel 3:16-17)

edited at 7:56 a.m. Sept. 3, 2015

I Have A Confession

I have a confession… I am a political season junkie.

I track it all the way back to Ross Parot. The young readers won’t know who I’m talking about, but this was when I realized that there was a serious problem with normal politics.

I have learned that if you want to know what someone is saying you really have to hunt for the uninterrupted transcripts of press releases and speeches. If you just want to know what someone else thinks about a politician then do what most people are doing right now and watch the news channel.

My first election opportunity came for me one month after I turned 18 and I’ve not missed one since (nation, state, county or city). I can’t wait to cast a vote and hear that election official call out my name as I submit my ballot; “Paul Thompson has voted!” That declaration ranks second of all the public statements I’ve heard in my life to this one; “Paul, you may kiss your bride!”

It was a few years after that first time I voted when Ross Parot entered the scene of politics and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Don’t get me wrong… I take my vote very seriously. I read as much as I can, I listen to every debate available, I send questions to local candidates wanting to know as much as I can before I exercise my privilege.

I am not owned by any political party. I’m a values voter.

  • I want a federal government that lets the local community address education.
  • I want a federal government that knows her judicial jurisdiction.
  • I want a federal government that stops giving any money to any organization that aborts unborn babies.
  • I want a federal government that will relinquish programs that create dependence of the poor.
  • I want a federal government that protects all American citizens.
  • I want a federal government that understands economics .
  • I want a federal government that justly executes the sword with fairness while understanding timeliness.
  • I want a federal government that leaves spiritual matters to spiritual houses.
  • I want a federal government that respects geographical boundaries of sovereign states and does not empower activist judicial branches to change civic law.
  • I want a federal government that respects the constitution.
  • I want  a federal government that respects the amendments to the constitution
  • and a plethora of other matters… related to healthcare, student loans, transportation and on and on and on.

hangingchadThis leaves me in conflict at times; after all, what values are priority and what values are secondary when it comes to finding a candidate who meets all my hopes?

I have to be willing to make concessions on some maters while remaining non-negotiable on others. That means sometimes I vote with a political party and sometimes I go with another. I’m willing to vote for a non-Christian (not all claiming to be “Christian” are Christian). I’m not willing to vote for someone just because they are part of a particular political party. I read comparison sheets.

It was the debate season with Ross Parot, Bill Clinton and (then) President George H. Bush in 1992 that helped me become an independent thinker and a committed voter, responsible before my God to be informed and engaged.

Happy political season!


What Can a County Clerk Do?

“To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience.” Kim Davis – Rowan County, Kentucky

Kim Davis, a county clerk from Kentucky, is doing what governors and county sheriff’s won’t do. They tell us their hands are tied by the law and judicial rulings.

Kim Davis is not denying marriage licences to just a few select individuals who would cause her to violate her conscience, She’s bold enough to not issue marriage licences to everyone.

This is what I asked Governor Otter to do when the 9th circuit court ruled that Idaho must begin issuing marriage licences to applicants wanting a marriage licence for a same sex union. Can a sovereign state Governor not instruct his county courts to stop issuing marriage licences? Could he/she be sued for doing so? Likely. If a Governor won’t why not a county sheriff?

I’m told the county sheriff is the most important public office a citizen can vote for because he/she has more authority on the local people than anyone.

I applaud a county clerk from Kentucky bold enough to obey her conscience. Where are the bold elected officials in my community? As I look around, I hear a lot of talk about how they can’t do what they know is right because laws prohibit them from doing so. Choose this day.

Meet Kim Davis. This will most likely cost her deeply.

Thank you Kim Davis, I pray other will see what kind boldness looks like.

Notice in the video how Kim Davis addresses the crowd and notice how the crowd addresses her and the others in the office.

There is something wrong in the land.

(by the way, isn’t it interesting that no one is reporting if she is a republican or a democrat?)

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