Book Review of Doxology and Theology (pt. 1)

Doxology and TheologyFrom time to time I like to do a book review while in progress.

Tonight, I begin a weekly discussion with three brothers (John, Brad, and Steve) of a book we are reading together; Doxology and Theology – How the Gospel Forms the Worship Leader.

I’ll attempt to post a few comments from the discussion each week after we get together. Feel free to follow along, ask questions and make comments about what we’re learning and talking about. If you’ve already read this, add to the conversation. If you want to read at home along with us you should get a copy of Doxology and Theology.

From the introduction:

  • “One of the greatest needs of the modern church is theologically driven worship leaders. The church is starving for worship leaders who will teach them to sing about the great gospel of Christ in all its richness.” Matt Boswell
  • “They all say “the ordinary reader does not want Theology; give him plain practical religion.” I have rejected their advice. I do not think the ordinary reader is such a fool…” C.S. Lewis (Mere Christianity)
  • “Theology is not just for the academics – it is for every Christian…” Matt Boswell

The book is essentially a collection of essays from various leaders on the subject  of corporate worship. Here is a quick layout of the contents of the book:

  1. Doxology, Theology, and the Mission of God
  2. Qualifications of a Worship Leader
  3. The Worship Leader and Scripture
  4. The Worship Leader and the Trinity
  5. The Worship Leader and Mission
  6. The Worship Leader and His Heart
  7. The Worship Leader and Justice
  8. The Worship Leader and Liturgy
  9. The Worship Leader and Creativity
  10. The Worship Leader and Disciple-Making
  11. The Worship Leader and His Pastor
  12. The Worship Leader and Family Worship
  13. The Worship Leader and Singing
  14. The Worship Leader and the Gospel

I’m looking forward to gathering tonight with John, Brad and Steve who actively participate with me in the preparation for the weekly gathering of the Lord’s people at Eastside Baptist Church. This gathering of followers of Christ is among the most unique gatherings in any community. Not to see and hear how articulate man is but rather to know God. The duty of the worship leader (not to only mean the music leader) is in need of discussion and biblical examination.

Join in on the discussion.


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