Burning in the Soul

Burning in the Soul

Beginning January 7, 2018 on the first Lord’s Day evening of each month I have invited 12 pastors in the region to gather with us and preach what is burning in their soul.

If at all possible, I want you to attend all of these gatherings. You will meet pastors from as far south as St. George, UT to as far north as Cottonwood, ID. You will meet local pastors from Southern Baptist Churches and local pastors from other faithful bible preaching churches.

As fast as the nation has moved away from God, God has fortified a faithful post of biblical preachers in our day. These are only 12 of them. There are many others like them. I’ve said it many times, and I still say it today; “It is a good day to be the church.”

Here is the list of names and dates for the first half of the year.

We are in a day where the general population of the nation no longer looks at the preacher as a man of God.

When the man of God in our day mentions God in the marketplace he faces a dilemma. If he speaks, the listener may increase in his abuse of him, but if he doesn’t speak he has no inner peace.

The preachers in our day who obey the Lord are learning, like the prophet Jeremiah discovered; that God’s word is burning in his inner-man like a burning fire shut up in his bones.

In 2018, I have asked these preachers to not hold back from what is burning in their souls. Where the atmosphere of the spiritual landscape in our day and nation is different than Jeremiah’s, I want this church to hear what is Burning in the Soul of these men.

May God bless his preachers and may God bless His hungry people.

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