The Tale of Two State Governors

Last week, August 16, 2017 Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, signed HB 3391 giving all residents in Oregon the burden of paying for all abortions. Today, August 25, 2017 South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster, signed executive order removing the burden from all tax payers of paying for abortions and defunded Planned Parenthood and all abortion providers

Can You Call a City a “Welcoming City” While Planned Parenthood Murders Unborn Babies

As long as Planned Parenthood is allowed to do business as usual within the region, no document declaring Twin Falls a “Welcoming City” can be taken seriously. It is a flaw in logic to say we welcome all while at the same time being┬ásilent about abortion. Planned Parenthood is not an official function of the

Is There No Conscience In The Nation Today?

Just getting caught up on the political news of the day… Wow! Donald Trump grew up all of the sudden and then, like a politician driven by popularity, backed off a logical conclusion amid political pressure. Showing he is more a politician than he wants to admit. His initial response to one of the best

Halftime Shows and Commercial Controversy

The Super Bowl… how does a football championship game play “second fiddle” to the halftime show and the commercial craze? Disclaimer – the following thoughts are from a non Super Bowl watcher, Half-Time show boycotting, grammar challenged blogger. The last time I watched a Super Bowl football game was about five years ago (and that

Today is “Abortion Day” in Twin Falls

I have a source that is telling me that the Twin Falls Planned Parenthood clinic does not have a doctor to do abortions so they have to bring a doctor in to do this. Planned Parenthood designates these days as “abortion days”. “Abortion Day” is a day of great contradiction in the city of Twin


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