Cowardice on Display

This kind of cowardly, ignorant, foolish, ungodly, disrespectful, shameful action against a neighbor is no way any serious follower of the Lord Jesus Christ would act. Where there are clear differences in our beliefs, I support law enforcement’s strict punishment. Police investigate hate crime at southern Idaho mosque  

Friendly Reminder

Friendly Reminder: You will, if you haven’t already, begin to read stories online about what’s happening in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas following hurricane Harvey. Some will be true and some will not be true. Don’t be found as one spreading gossip. Leave gossip for the ungodly. Put off the craving of your old

When Hate Hates Hate

It didn’t take long to learn after returning from a remote weekend at Camp Perkins in central Idaho that hatred for others was the international headline from the Land of the Free, America. Many articulate articles, columns, interviews, and social media posts find me in agreement with many (Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, local radio, and

Lunch with Edgewater Broadcasting

This week I had the privilege to spend a lunch hour with the staff of Edgewater Broadcasting here in Twin Falls. Something many may not know about me is that I have a few years of experience in broadcasting while a student at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX – 91.5 FM KWLD. So a lunch

Zach Hunter Preaching at Eastside Baptist Church

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time, Zach Hunter, pastor at Jackpot Baptist Church in Jackpot, NV will we preaching in our series through the book of Ephesians. Don’t miss out on this. May it be a blessing to you that you would gather with us in person tonight at 204 Eastland Drive North in Twin

In The Midst of a Crooked and Perverse Generation

Lord’s Day – February 26, 2017 Eastside Baptist Church – Live Streaming is provided by many generous people of Eastside Bapits Church in Twin Falls, Idaho. Please take the time to let us know you participated in our live streaming today by leaving a comment below or sign our guestbook HERE (no email required to sign the guestbook).


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