Character Sketches

Character SketchesOne of the favorite books we read as a family with boys in the home was “Character Sketches; from the pages of Scripture, illustrated in the world of nature” (1976, Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts)

This book was used also in Renee’s home as she was growing up. Last night I retrieved the book from the book shelf to do research on a Bible character I remember reading about in it to our boys. I have decided that I want to re-read the entire book. I post it here as a highly recommended book for consideration. The expense is greater than most books but worth the investment.

The pages are filled with illustrations of animals, nature, and Bible characters. Each chapter is filled with information from the natural world and considered in relationship to men and women of the Bible and conclude with a biblical lesson for the reader.

These words are on the dedication page just before the table of contents:

Dedicated to the vision
of God raising up a vast host of men
who are committed to His standards and their responsibility
to build character and to meet the basic needs of each one in their families


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