Christmas Eve Message

Stop Trying to Save Yourself

As one devoted to giving my attention to the study of the Bible and the preaching of the Bible to a weekly gathering of Magic Valley residents, I hope to be clear and concise on a matter of greatest importance.

It is likely that you have crossed paths with the biblical nativity scene somewhere in the past several weeks. Have you stopped long enough to consider that scene? After all, why would anyone make such an ordeal of this baby in a manger?  It is just a baby right? If so, why do so many people want to display this manger scene and why do so many want it removed from public places? How is it possible that a baby in a manger and a man on a cross can generate such opposite emotions?

Take a moment with me and ponder one more time and ponder these acts of the Almighty God toward humanity.

According to Scripture, all have sinned against God and are found insufficient to reconcile this offence of sinning against God and justly condemned to face the full wrath of God. Do not try to save yourself from this wrath.

Be mindful of this; if it were possible for us to save ourselves, there would be no need for God to send His only begotten son, born of a virgin, to eventually satisfy His wrath against sinners on a cross.

God put the value of heaven at a price that we are not capable of paying. As God placed a value on heaven, it required that He bring all of humanity through the death, burial, and resurrection of His son. Will you still hold that your good works are sufficient to buy heaven for yourself? Will you dare to gamble on any price less than the blood of His only begotten Son?

Have you considered this insult?

Why would he put His only begotten Son to this task if a better deal could be offered? Why begin with a manger? Why a cross if this act of salvation could be done any other way? Why even attempt to barter with such a requirement as this?

To accept these terms means we must be humbled by the weight of such an offence. To accept these terms means we are too weak, too sick and completely spiritually bankrupt to meet the terms and in need of a Redeemer.

As you begin to see the manger scenes removed from yards look quickly to the cross of Golgotha and see the price due for our wretchedness. Believe quickly with joy! Rejoice that this payment has been made and is credited to your spiritually bankrupt account. It is no longer insufficient.

This cross will be, to some, an offence and foolishness, to others it is the best news we have ever heard.

Stop trying to save yourself.

Follow that manger to the cross, see there the required cost to be saved from the full wrath of God and there see how great the Father’s love is for you. He already paid this price Himself. If He were to accept a lesser offer for His glory would be to make His glory of no value.

All of this, according to Scripture; our spiritually bankrupt condition has been satisfied by the Messiah who was born of a virgin, crucified on a cross for our sins, buried in a grave and raised Himself from the grave, according to Scripture.

Believe and live lest you try to save yourself in vain.

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