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It only took me two days with multiple trips to the grocery store to finally remember to gather all of the necessary items for fruit smoothies. But it was tonight’s stop that made it worth it.

As I was examining the frozen yogurt options (I didn’t know there could be so many options) I overheard a disturbing conversation between a husband and wife. They had three children with them, the youngest was a newborn. The conversation was worth a second read of the ingredients on my frozen yogurt so I could finish the conversation. It went down like this…

(the names have been changed to protect the poor innocent children.)

wife: Remember when I was pregnant with Marcy?
husband: How could I forget?
wife: Remember how I would send you to the store to get chunky monkey ice cream?
husband: (laughing) I do… (more laughter)
wife: We would get it and dig down into the ice cream to get the biggest chunks and then you would suck the ice cream off and give me the chunks.

I wonder if they noticed me nearly gagging as I quickly made my way to the checker?

When I came home I shared this encounter with Renee. Her reply was, “I love you and all, but you never get to suck the ice cream off of my chocolate…”

As disturbing as this was and is… I was touched by their fond retelling of their pregnancy days. May the Lord bless them with many more fond stories (and may I never eavesdrop on any more of their conversations.)

What’s your favorite food story of pregnancy cravings? (Don’t make me wish I didn’t asked.)

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  • The Nelkin's

    May 8, 2013 at 2:40 PM Reply

    Well, Maks almost went to jail because of my cravings. Ask him about it sometime….

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