Church Planting Lessons from the Strawberry Plant

While my mom was visiting a few weeks ago I built my first “strawberry barrel” (see picture below) out of a 55 gallon drum and she bought me 50 strawberry roots.

After looking for the best variety, I settled on the Ft. Laramie. We ordered them and the waiting began. I looked in the mail every day, even thinking that every UPS truck driving down the street might be carrying my strawberries. Renee called this afternoon… and finally, the strawberries are here!

Strawberry02I ordered my strawberries from the Four Seasons Nurseries, in Bloomington, Illinois.

They came through the U.S. Postal Service with all the instructions. We ordered two packages of 25.

Today, I opened one package and was pleased and surprised to discover nearly 40 strawberry roots. I followed the instructions and now have half of my strawberries planted in my “strawberry barrel”. Because there were more than 25 strawberries in the first package I’ll have to prepare more space for the other 25 (or 40+).


I’ve grown strawberries before and enjoy the church planting lesson my dad taught me years ago. I’ll keep you posted and lay out the church planting lessons from the strawberry plant along the way.

(look for follow-up posts.)
I’ve just reopened my garden blog that has been dormant for two years. I’ll begin posting regular posts of the new garden space. I began this blog when I started at the College of Southern Idaho’s community garden in 2010. I now have more garden space and now preparing for the start of Thompson Springs Urban Farm. This year is the testing year followed by a second year to implement the most efficient ways to grow a lot of food in an urban setting, in the high desert, before launching Thompson Springs Urban Farm to the public. Until then, and even then, come by the urban homestead some time and pick a few weeds with me.

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