Clarification Is Needed, Dr. Caner

I don’t imagine many of the readers of theBride are even aware of the controversy I’m about to speak to… But I feel obligated to go on the record as a pastor of a Baptist Church affiliating with the Southern Baptist Convention asking for full clarity from Brewton-Parker College, Ergun Caner, and Georgia Baptists on the contradiction of Caner’s biography. For me, this is an issue so far removed geographically that it seems almost like I’m tweaking the ear of a dog that’s not bothering me but I feel obligated to be on public record asking for this clarity.

I have personally heard Dr. Caner speak on two separate occasions, and on both occasions was pleased (mostly) with the message on hand. I’m full aware that Dr. Caner and I would disagree on the doctrines of grace, but I am able to appreciate others whom I am in disagreement with as well.

The issue at stake for me is that there is sufficient evidence that there is not simply a slight misspeaking from him on facts of his conversion to Christianity, the evidence from public domain sources do contradict (I have read and watched both). Reports are that Dr. Caner is in legal litigation right now attempting to copyright one of  the videos as the true story and claiming the other is not him (when it is clear, it is) of when and how and where his conversion took place in relationship to his Muslim past.  I’m not questioning his conversion, but credibility of believers everywhere and especially Southern Baptists is of utmost importance for me in this matter.

In my own insignificant platform I’m requesting clarification from Brewton-Parker College, Liberty University, Georgia Baptist, but mostly from Dr. Caner himself.

I’m requesting that my State Convention not allow Dr. Caner to speak in any more convention gatherings in the future unless and until this matter is addressed, corrected, and explained by Dr. Caner himself. I don’t mean any disrespect to Dr. Caner. I don’t want embarrassment to come to him or his family. I respect his contribution to several Southern Baptist institutions. Integrity is a mandate for all professing followers of Christ. Our office of leadership requires it. This is me preaching to me.

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