Covenant Keepers for 30 Years (and counting)

Location: First Baptist Church, Clovis, NM
Date: December 20, 1986
Occasion: Marriage of Paul Robert Thompson to Teresa Renee Culberth

This annual celebration of our marriage grows sweeter as the days fly by.

December 20, 2016 makes December 20, 1986 seem like decades ago (3 to be exact). I am pleased that God would give me this kind of grace in my life.

Following is an attempt to express myself with rhyming words…

(engagement photo)

Of all the sons of men, how could I be him?
Look! is what I do when she walks in!

Neither of us would have mapped out this path like ours.
But how could this journey be better than ours?

My pulse races when she looks at me.
How can this still be?

A third decade of wedded years.
I can hardly write a poem without tears.

Do you see me with that grin?
I would do it all again and again!


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