Dear Kirby Woods Baptist Church

Dear pastor Collier and Kirby Woods Baptist Church,

My name is Paul Thompson, pastor of Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho.

I want to express appreciation to you and your congregation of Kirby Woods Baptist Church. This past week Dr. Frank Jones has been with us teaching through the book of Ephesians. Pastors from four churches in our area were present and a total of 28 people attended the EQUIP training for churches on mission. Thank you for sending him.

I was pleased to spend several days with Dr. Jones. He speaks fondly of his home church and family. He was a blessing to Eastside Baptist, the Magic Valley Baptist Association, my family and especially me.

He labored diligently while here speaking a total of 9 sessions through the book of Ephesians and preaching on Sunday morning. I was able to show him around the area between his teaching duties.

On Sunday morning, Dr. Jones preached from Ephesians chapter one on the glory we give to God in all circumstances of life. It was a powerful message. Listen here…

dr-jonesThis is a picture of Dr. Jones at the Shoshone Falls (about 4 miles from our church)

In the spring water flows over these rocks in a spectacular manner as the snow melt from the nearby mountains begin to flow.



This is Dr. Jones pointing out the ramp from Evel Knievel’s 1974 failed attempt to launch himself across the Snake River Canyon (about 3 miles from our church).

Dr. Jones is pointing to the ramp on the canyon rim in the distance.


dr-jones03This is Dr. Jones watching B.A.S.E. jumpers jump from the Perrine Bridge spanning the Snake River Canyon.

The days with Dr. Jones was an encouragement to us. Please greet him for us when he returns home this week.

Thank you for your kindness and investment in our gospel work here in Twin Falls, Idaho.



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