Dear Sis,

Dear Sis,
My  post today is directed to you specifically, sister in Christ. I am willing to admit that a reason to disregard my letter may be because I’ve not taken the time to write you sooner. I hope you will take this short moment of your screen time today and consider my concern.

I get the fun of a perfectly timed selfie. There is something spectacular about having instant connection with hundreds and thousands of  “friends.” You are the first generation to have this kind of connection.

May I say something to you bluntly? I don’t mean to be rude, I just want to be lovingly blunt.

You have already discovered how to get more comments and “likes”, “hearts”, “thumbs-ups”, or whatever the trending props are for a selfie. Be honest about it, you know how to get more attention. Your sultry look into the bathroom mirror does not display the glory of God. It proves you are in bondage to the applause of others.

Hey sister, when you post that picture of yourself with that low cut, tight fitting blouse, cleavage lifting bra, and climbing hem line on your skirt it doesn’t cause anyone to think of you as a pursuer of the holiness of God. Your photos of yourself in your sports bra and skin tight workout clothes on your way to the gym don’t help anyone to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Your doing this doesn’t prove you are a slave to Christ. It more shows a disregard for His glory.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying a selfie is wrong (however, after looking the word up I may be changing my mind soon.) Know this, you have some “friends” who do not look at you as a sister. They like to “like” your selfie but they are not communicating anything wholesome or pure. The  sexual cravings of a debase and crooked world, broken or completely void of integrity, are looking in on you hoping you will continue to post more provocative and more revealing selfies to satisfy their hunger and thirst for unrighteousness.

I have a strong admiration for the courageous sister in Christ who takes advantage of a picture to show the beauty of God. It’s not very popular and you won’t get the same kind of attention, true. Is the gospel motivating your post today or is it a craving for the applause of men?

There are really so few willing to be this courageous. It takes a lot to put a photo out there and fear that no one will “like” it. I don’t want you to be uninformed on this. I hope you receive this as written from a brother. I think you have the capacity to truly be different from your peers and be a gospel-proclaimer not a selfie-proclaimer.

God doesn’t  mean for you to be a jelly-fish. God is calling for heroes today, sis. In Scripture, their footprints (selfies) can be scanned through with joy. Be someone who lives life void of the fear of men or driven by the applause of men, be one who delights in displaying the glory of God.

Your brother,
Paul Thompson

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