Doctrinal Truths Sunday

The teaching (doctrine) of who God is is always on the table when Scripture is being examined. Yesterday, February 3, Eastside gathered to consider this doctrinal statement from the 1925 New Hampshire Confession, paragraph 2, which reads…

II. God

There is one and only one living and true God, an intelligent, spiritual, and personal Being, the Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe, infinite in holiness and all other perfections, to whom we owe the highest love, reverence, and obedience. He is revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence, or being.

Gen. 1:1; 1 Cor. 8:4-6; Deut. 6:4; Jer. 10:10; Isa. 48:12; Deut. 5:7; Ex. 3:14; Heb. 11:6; John 5:26; 1 Tim. 1:17; John 1:14-18; John 15:26; Gal. 4:6; Matt. 28:19.

Steve McMullin and Larry Kelley opened Scripture to examine this teaching (doctrine).

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