For Church and Family (006) the Offering

In this post I talk about the importance of children participating in the offering. The more they participate in the gathering the more they want to participate.

Tips for Church and Famiy

  • Parents:
    • At home, teach your children about the value of money. This can be done young.
    • At home, teach your children about why you give to your church. You don’t turn your money over to the preachers, you give to your church and the ongoing ministry of the agreed upon mission of the congregation. it’s a matter of humbly obeying God.
    • Encourage your children to participate in the ongoing ministry/mission of their church.
  • Church:
    • Model this participation in front of your children, grandchildren, and all children around you.
    • Yes, this is a rather private part of our participation, it’s not asked or allowed for anyone to announce how much money they give.
    • All offerings are given to the congregation. The congregation decides how to use this money. It is not a decision of the elders.
    • Do not announce your giving, but don’t use humility to cover your disobedience of not giving.


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