For Church and Family (008) Boys and Girls

In this clip I address the need for parents to train their boys to behave like boys and their girls to behave like girls, and I address the need for boys and girls to treat each other with care. This kind of teaching must happen formally at home. Yes, our children will catch how they should behave around others, but to train them in the way they should go, they must be trained formally.

Tips for Church and Family

  • Parents:
    • This will have to be taught formally at home.
    • Teach your sons to behave like boys.
    • Teach your girls to behave like girls.
    • Keep your son with the father when around other men.
    • Keep your daughters with the mother when around other women.
    • Let this difference be noted in the way we dress our sons and daughters.
  • Church:
    • Men, behave like godly men.
    • Women, behave like godly women.
    • Men, speak like godly men.
    • Women, speak like godly women.

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