For Church and Family (010) Prayer

In this post I encourage parents to set an example of the significance of prayer in the corporate gatherings. This is a moment to set all things aside here and listen closely and to pray.

Tips for Church and Family

  • Parents:
    • Teach this at home.
    • Create an expected pattern at home that before meals this family prays.
    • Teach your children that at the church house on the Lord’s Day, we will spend some of that time praying together with our church family. Teach them that this is a gathering of families that pray together.
    • Instruct them at home to be prepared to stop what they are doing and join together in prayer.
  • Church:
    • Prayer time is not the time to gather up all of your belonging to prepare to leave. Little eyes will pick up on this quickly and will check out.
    • Prayer time is not the moment to leave the room.
    • Prayer time is significant, treat it as such.

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