For Church and Family (011) What Now?

In this post I give examples of what to do when a child becomes a disruption. It is normal when this happens so parents must have a game plan for how they will train their children to not be an intentional disruption.

Tips for Church and Family

  • Parents:
    • Make a plan at home for how any disruptions will be handled at the church house.
    • Communicate this plan to all children.
    • Age appropriately, help the children understand that you don’t just want to teach your children to play quietly. You want to train them to know what disciplined followers of Christ look like.
    • In moments where a child begins to cry…
      • try to find out what’s going on.
      • if needed, remove the child from the meeting room
      • as quickly as possible, once the child has regained composure, return to the meeting room.
    • Be sure to teach children to clean up after themselves.
  • Church:
    • Extend patience with all the families.
    • Offer help if needed.


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  • rjp1930

    November 1, 2017 at 8:11 PM Reply

    I do agree with you, Joyce

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