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Today, the Times News Editorial Board published a strongly opinionated piece about the Idaho liquor laws. I’m not opposed to their having a strong opinion, it’s their paper, their freedom. But I take issue with the conclusion that the Idaho liquor law needs to be updated for the reasons cited.

Many in legislation argue that there are public and private complications related to the overall health and welfare of the general public that stem from the misuse of alcohol. Law enforcement report the ongoing problems with alcohol related incidents. Domestic abuse and general breakdown of family is many times traced back to the misuse of alcohol.

Yet the Times News Editorial Board  claims  “We’re very good at building water and septic lines needed for industry, but fall short in the area of people infrastructure.” I’m not even sure what that means.

I’m alright with public officials having a say in issues of public interest. But how exactly do “bars also bring vibrancy to any neighborhood where they cluster.”? How does “A strip of good bars add youthful exuberance to once rundown strips.”?

The Times News Editorial Board make an assumption that all workers are looking for some ‘youthful exuberance’ after 9 p.m. Maybe the kind of workers companies are looking for have a family to care for and tend to their needs when they get home from work. Maybe Idaho likes our attractive quiet living that Idaho has worked hard to make for herself.

Why does growth and ‘attractive’ interests have to mean ‘youthful exuberance’?

Here is the full article, it’s worth reading. I respect that the Times News Editorial Board would see things differently than I do. I just think that it is important that they here from a guy like me on this matter too. You can add your voice to the conversation here or follow the Facebook conversation below.

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