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In preparing for the launch of a full feature podcast, I have discovered that I’ve actually already been podcasting since 2010. In May of 2010 Eastside began broadcasting sermons at Sermon Audio. A friend of mine in northern Idaho help me with some podcast questions recently and he was the one who informed me that I’m already podcasting. Kind of like being a poet and not really knowing it. (OK, it’s nothing like that)

In digging through some old archive audio files I came across this interview I gave in May of 2010 to the Good News Radio Network. It is divided into three parts, approx. 9 minutes each. It is an interview I gave the day after Baptist Press released my print interview of our time in Port-au-Prince that same year after the earthquake.  It was a quick trip down memory lane, it was just as I remember it. Hard to believe that those God ordained days are nearly four years ago.

Here is one of those early “podcasts”.

Don’t forget to be looking for the launch of the BridgeCast on January 6, 2014.

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