Great Is Thy Faithfulness

On Sunday nights at Eastside Baptist Church we take a close look at a hymn of the faith and a topic related to faithful living in this ever changing culture.

You can join us live in person, video live-streaming at Google Hangouts, or archived here the following week. If you are interested in joining via the live-streaming option it will require a bit of early set up to get you called in and all technical things set up. For some, this has been a helpful because of distance to travel twice into Twin Falls on the same day, for some who are ill, others away from town. We would welcome this of you if for some reason you are unable to attend a gathering in your community. Contact me before Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm.

This week pastor John Martinez gave us some background on the hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness.

I gave a scan of types of problems people appear to have with the Bible and offer some solutions to the Christian on how to develop a disciplined lifestyle of reading, thinking, and trusting the Bible to be true and reliable.

James Montgomery Boice puts it this way…

“If the Bible is truely from God, and if God is a God of truth (and He is), then… if tow parts seem to be in opposition or in contradiction to each other, our interpretation of one or both of these parts must be in error.”

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