Happy Birthday, Renee!!!

DSCF9665Let me tell you a little about Renee. There’s really no way for me to explain to you the kind of woman Renee is. She would argue that she’s no more special than anyone else. She will even argue later today that I should not have said the things I said in today’s post. Renee is bright, capable, fun, shy, competitive, artistic, a great baker of desserts and a really good speller.

Renee was called by God to be her redeemer when she was still in the home of her parents in Clovis, New Mexico. I met her when she was 17. We married in 1986 and she has journeyed with me ever since. In this journey she has become an enduring companion. A patient helper. She has spurred me on toward good things. She usually out-thinks me and never criticizes me in public. Even though she could, she’s never said an unkind thing about me to others. I never second guess that she is my greatest supporter. Her faith is strong. She is bold to help me think through thoughts and actions. She is a theologian and submits to the authority of Scripture. Even though I’ve not always directed my household boldly and valiantly, she is always willing to adjust to the trustworthy plumb-line of Scripture as God leads our paths. She is a model of a Biblical wife.  She loves our children and is a catalyst for binding our extending and growing family.

Renee is first a child of God, a wife second and mother third. She may not be a piano player or fit the expectations of any church member in any church we’ve ever been in, but every church member should know that she is their pastor’s greatest asset. I depend on her greatly. She keeps our house and lives running efficiently.  Renee makes my home a place where I love to be.

Today, on her ____th birthday (I’m learning), I want to honor the Lord by wishing Renee a happy birthday. I cannot imagine facing anything in life without her.

Happy Birthday, Renee!

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  • Ines L Merrill

    November 21, 2013 at 11:21 PM Reply

    I know the love you share with Renee…I’ve been there with my love. I will be with him in heaven someday again.. Happy Birthday Renee

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