Hate Darkness, Love Light

Saturday (June 20, 2015) in the Twin Falls – Times News my monthly column was published entitled “We Are Like Dead Men”. This opportunity in the local paper is one that I don’t take lightly. For the past several years (and my hope for as long as they will let me) I’ve written in a rotation with other leaders of various denominations and faiths on spiritual matters. I’m thankful to God for the public forum opportunity. Any online interaction (liking and sharing via social media) you make on these  columns helps communicate to the local paper that this is read; and newspaper publications are driven by readership.

“We are Like Dead Men”
(Isaiah 59:10)
Today I address those who sincerely want to know truth, who are hoping to receive “light” but instead are found wanting and have tasted more bitterness at the end of your searching than at the beginning.

Are you in search of truth? I’m writing about a truth that saves the soul.

If truth exists (and I’m convinced it does in the person of Jesus the Christ as described in the Bible) then how can this truth be known?

All who are dissatisfied with darkness are evidently being drawn to light. The spiritually dead have no interest in hoping for truth. It makes no difference whether there is light or darkness.

The spiritually dead do not revere the word of God nor consider it to revive the soul. It is true that those who trust in God are a happy people. It would be a sin to not consider the blessings of God’s grace as the greatest treasure a man could have. It is a treasure of life-everlasting, being a child, adopted by grace.

Being spiritually alive, it is good that you hate darkness and treasure light.

However, do you notice in you a love for darkness? Is there in you a dislike of light and truth?

May the moment of your conversion come quickly as you see how great the Father’s love is for you.

Awakening sinners, cherish a hope of mercy today.

Hope, O lover of darkness, that you may be able to sing of pardon bought with the blood of Christ. It may appear at times that this is too good to be true. If so, you are no lover of grace because you are not looking with the aid of the law of God.

If you have not found this peace you are in search of yet, consider where you are searching. We are like dead men until we are rescued.

In your anxious desire for reconciliation with God press your case until a gracious answer is granted through the work of Jesus. It’s not enough that you hope you are saved or that you want to be saved from the wrath of God. It is most important that you understand your desire for God does not save you and gives no hope that he will; you must actually obtain eternal life. The saving work of Christ moves you from hopeful sinner to rescued saint.

Trying to do a work of a living God as a dead man is both wicked and foolish. It actually reveals a spirit of rebellion as you try to hide your wretched condition with self-righteousness.

Are you willing to stop doing what only a living God can do? I have a high hope that you may soon obtain peace with God through Jesus the Christ, our Lord.

Paul Thompson, pastor at Eastside Baptist Church, Twin Falls, Idaho
paul@esbctwinfalls.com and www.PaulThompsonBlog.com

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