Honor Your Parents

This past month included some significant changes to my regular routine.

    1. Renee and I have been asking the Lord to sell our home for nearly five years. Not because of a change in location was desired, but rather a change in lifestyle was beginning to shape and take form. Even before our current relationship with New Horizon Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti we began asking God for clarity in our life concerning where and how we spend our money. We had been what many would call a single income family while our boys were young and not until our youngest son had just entered high school had Renee worked outside of the home (she ran a very successful screen printing business for years out of our home.) But now, after a stretch of time with two incomes we found a growing desire to return to this way of life. By the grace of God, we sold our home and have moved into an older home with a detached garage for Renee to begin another home business. The new art school will take some time to establish but the adjustments to expenditures has already shown this to be a helpful change.
    2. I spent two weeks in Amarillo, TX caring for some needs for my parents. This is that stage in life that many people my age begin to face. The reality that no one lives forever in this flesh and that as you age, you will begin to face various health related challenges. This past month both of my parents have been in and out of the hospital and, by the grace of God, ended up at the same rehab center together. My mom’s back surgery was necessary for extending mobility and ability to care for my dad’s needs. I’m thankful to the Lord for my brothers. My younger brother, Mark, was able to be in Amarillo while our mom was in surgery and the ensuing days until rehab began. While I was there my dad had increasing needs that required hospitalization. Now while Silas and Bianca are there, my mom is schedule to be released to go home before they return to Idaho and my older brother, Les, will be available to care for any needs of our parents. Where there are unanswered questions, I’m thankful for a family and church family who have been generous and kind in many ways during this season of life.
    3. Then, this past Lord’s Day, I was faced with a passage of Scripture that I knew would eventually come when I began preaching through 1 Corinthians last January. The passage proved to be a beautiful text even though it still leaves me with unclear conclusions. The order of all things created is amazing and I love being shown how right and helpful it is when we submit to the Lordship of Christ. Scripture is Sufficient. Here is the teaching from 1 Corinthians 11:2-16.

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