House Bill – 0414

I spent a bit of time yesterday researching Idaho House Bill – 0414 related to sex education.

Here is the background I did for with the existing law and the proposed new law. 

As of today, February 7, H0414 is not scheduled for public hearing. I have been informed that it may be ready in about 2 weeks. I wrote all members of the House education committee to express my concern in what they are working on. I have yet to hear back from any of them. I did call the secretary of the education committee and learned that it is not currently scheduled.

This is the way representative government works… when bills are introduced, it is important that the legislators hear from the population. It is important to express your support and define your concern of a particular bill.

Because this is not yet scheduled it means that it is early in the process.

  • Politeness is always right.
  • Pray for a listening ear among the committee.
  • Politeness is always right.
  • A short note to the committee is better than a long letter at this point.
  • Politeness is always right.
  • A request for a reply is better than just stating a point.
  • Politeness is always right.

Following is a template of the note I sent the education committee. I invite you to consider doing the same. Personalize it and send it.


Dear House Education Committee,

My name is (first and last name) of (city name), Idaho. I am (include what you do or something personal of interest). I have been a citizen of Idaho since (year).

It is my pleasure to pray for you while in legislative session and I’m thankful for your good work, long hours, and devotion to making Idaho a great place to live. I count it a blessing of God to live here and thankful for your good work.

I am writing you today with concern in relationship to H0414. (Sex Education)

I strive to be a well informed citizen and want to best understand what is potentially being presented. What is your understanding of why this bill is needed? As I read the current law, I’m pleased that it a good law I’m asking you to consider not moving forward with this proposed change to Idaho code 33-1608 through 33-1611.

I would like to be informed of when this bill is scheduled for public hearing.

Thank you

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