House Bill No. 2

Change in Idaho law may soon look like this… (underlined is the proposed change)

(2) To secure for all individuals within the state freedom from discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin or disability in connection with employment, public accommodations, and real property transactions, discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin in connection with education, discrimination because of age in connection with employment, and thereby to protect their interest in personal dignity, to make available to the state their full productive capacities, to secure the state against domestic strife and unrest, to preserve the public safety, health, and general welfare, and to promote the interests, rights and privileges of individuals within the state.

The entire proposed law is HERE, it is worth reading.

The House Committee hearing is on Monday, January 26, at 8:00am in the West Wing auditorium in the capital building in Boise.

There are three places of greatest interest to me in the proposed law.

  1. I’m not in favor of civic law to govern spiritual morality. There is need for a civic form of morality that I favor, such as laws that protect against harm, danger, murder, etc… I favor laws that protect individuals and their private property and provide protection for them within civic law.
  2. I’m not in favor of civic law jurisdiction imposing spiritual sway over church jurisdiction. Only reason for civic law to give governing jurisdiction over church jurisdiction is in areas where the church may violate civic morality.
  3. It’s not clear that this law directly effects churches, however, if passed, this law opens the door to make it a crime in Idaho to speak in public that the sinful act of homosexuality and the wicked desires of men who want to be treated as women, or women who want to be treated as men is a sin against God. According to a recent Cornerstone Family Council e-alert, “the law will apply in almost all matters of employment, business, and public accommodations (including public restrooms and locker rooms). The criminal penalties will apply regardless of whether your own faith encourages you to view these behaviors as immoral. Violation will subject you to penalties of up to 6 months in jail.”
  • The Cornerstone Family Council e-alert offers suggestions of what you can do:
    1. Send two sets of emails today to the email list, below:
      1. First to all of Idaho’s Representatives as a group; and
      2. Then individual emails to each member of the House State Affairs Committee. This bill will be heard in that committee on Monday, January 26th at 8:00 a.m.
    2. Send an effective email to your Representatives:
      1. For all of these emails:
        1. In your “Subject” box put “Vote No on House Bill 2
        2. Compose a short and polite message explaining why the Representative should vote against House Bill 2.
        3. End by thanking them for their service to our state.
    3. E-mail and/or post this on all social media profiles you have.
    4. Then, attend the Committee hearing in the West Wing auditorium in the capitol building at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, January 26th. To let your voice be heard and your sacred liberties preserved. Indicate your opposition to the House Bill 2 when you sign in at the committee meeting. Last year there were over 400 people opposing our bill extending our religious liberties. Your presence – whether or not you speak – is crucial.

Here are some helpful resources for you in contacting Idaho Representatives and the House State Affairs Committee. courtesy of Idaho Cornerstone Family Council

All Idaho Representatives:

cut and paste all emails into one email or send individual emails:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Send one email to all on the House State Affairs Committee:

cut and paste all emails into one email or send individual emails:

Chairman Thomas Loertscher: Rep. Vito Rep. Gayle Batt: Rep. Ken Andrus: Rep. Linden Rep. Lynn Luker: Rep. Brent Crane: Rep. Joe Rep. Kathleen Sims: Rep. James Holtzclaw: Rep. Don Cheatham: Rep. Shannon McMillan: Rep. Pete Rep. Elaine Smith: Rep. Melissa Winthrow: Rep. Paulette Jordan: Rep. John McCrostie:

Here is my letter, you are welcome to modify it as needed.

Dear Representative,

My name is Paul Thompson, I am a citizen of the city of Twin Falls, in the county of Twin Falls, of Idaho.

I count it a pleasure to contact you today to express my opinion in relationship to House Bill No. 2 (2015) I have read the entire proposed change that you will hear on Monday, January 26, 2015.

Please vote ‘no’ on this bill for the following reasons:

1) I think it is a risky move to pass legislation that governs the expression of opinion of any citizen.
2) I find that our current law already protects all citizens from being discriminated against.
3) The jurisdiction of the state moves dangerously close to imposing a type of “state church” opinion with a law such as this.

I respect that you give serious and sober consideration to all changes to Idaho code and law. Thank you for taking the time to hear my plea to not pass House Bill No. 2 (2015).


Paul Thompson
Twin Falls, Idaho

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