Husbands Love Your Wives


Have you ever needed some detailed, practical counsel for your marriage? Have you ever wished someone would speak to the everyday matters that pop up in your marriage and family life? Have you ever heard sound teaching, but wished for more than broad theological principles? You needed someone to speak frankly. You wanted someone to show you exactly how the biblical principles applied in the real situations you are experiencing.

Come join Scott Brown, Joel Beeke, Sam Waldron, Jeff Pollard and Derek Thomas for an online book discussion on husbands loving their wives.

This six part online webinar series is based on William Gouge’s classic work, “Domestical Duties,” using the edited and modernized version by Joel Beeke and Scott Brown. This series is designed to help husbands love their wives like Christ loved the church. We will be taking critical chapters in the book that are specifically directed to husbands.

In this second volume of the series, Building a Godly Home, William Gouge (1575–1653) does just that. His marriage counsel is focused on the everyday matters that husbands and wives experience while living together. The basis for his counsel to married couples, is his exposition of Ephesians 5:21–33, already presented in volume 1.

Gouge delivers very detailed explanations of the various parts of the husband-wife relationship. He analyzes nearly every possible aspect of married life. You will be amazed at the probing detail with which he examines these matters. He exposes the minutest parts of marriage. Yet he does not lose sight of the big picture. He goes to the heart of the matter.

Each session will focus on a particular chapter of the book. These six webinar episodes will air once a week from April 22nd through May 27 at 7-8PM Mountain Time.

Session Date Topic Guest Speaker
Session #1 Tuesday April 22 Authority, pp180-195 Joel Beeke, Scott Brown
Session #2 Tuesday April 29 Gentleness, pp196-214 Joel Beeke, Scott Brown
Session #3 Tuesday May 6 Correcting, pp215-224 Jeff Pollard, Scott Brown
Session #4 Thursday, May 15 Kindness, pp225-236 Sam Waldron, Scott Brown
Session #5 Tuesday May 20 Provision, pp237-256 Derek Thomas, Scott Brown
Session #6 Tuesday May 27 Love, pp257-273 Jeff Pollard, Scott Brown

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