I Don’t Hate Puppies

I may be labeled a puppy hater after this post. I will just have to carry that label knowing that it’s not true.

100_2220“There’s no telling what some people will promise you when it comes to choosing the right summer Sunday School curriculum.” I don’t make this stuff up nor do I go looking for this stuff… it comes to my email inbox because it’s attached to our church website or some marketing agency has been selling my email address to publishing house businesses. This video is promoting a summer Sunday School curriculum.

I don’t take issue with a business doing whatever it needs to do to market its product. After all there are people who work for them that depend on a pay check and there is a market share that makes Sunday School and VBS apparently a very competitive field. I’m not opposed to praying for children. I’m just publicly responding to what I think is worthless and reckless behavior. I don’t fault the well meaning actor doing her job, or the camera man for utilizing his skill. I blame this kind of recklessness on executives who utilize this kind of scheme to attract a church staff member. And I blame pastors and churches for apparently buying in to this kind of product. I’m sure that the marketers have done their homework and they are convinced that this sales pitch will be successful. This is tragic.

Public plea to all ‘Christian’ publishing houses: Please exercise discipline and restraint when provide a product to the bride of Christ, the church. We are not a market share to be had.

Public plea to fellow pastors: Please consider writing a kind, but firm letter to the next publishing house that handles the sacred things of God with reckless shenanigans as this. They will continue to treat us as a market share as long as we buy into their advertising gimmicks.

Prepare yourself for the attraction of puppies…


  • Rodger

    April 29, 2013 at 8:07 PM Reply

    Gag me Paul. What are we coming to?

  • Paul

    April 29, 2013 at 9:46 PM Reply

    but it’s a cute puppy.

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