I’m Just A Bill?

Yesterday as Renee and I were walking up the steps of the Idaho Capitol Building I was trying to remember that classic School House Rock song “I’m Just A Bill”. I fear I could not recall many of the lyrics. But the real reason I was on Capitol Hill yesterday was of greater weight than a Saturday morning childhood memory of someone perhaps trying to redeem the time for something of greater value.

My purpose to be on Capitol Hill in Boise, Idaho yesterday was to give testimony. A copy of that testimony is available HERE.

My day old observation of the experience is one of appreciation for the process. It is from three vantage points.

  1. What country is like the United States of America? Wow. If you have never witnessed or participated in such an experience you should plan a family day outing to Capitol Hill. When a bill is in committee there is an opportunity that the committee has a hearing open for public discussion. It is an open invitation for the citizens to express their desire in regards to the committees action. It is an invitation to appeal.

    Here’s what I would do if I had privilege to raise young children in my home again. We would learn about a bill we wanted to follow all the way through the process. One of significance. And then I would plan regular field trips to Capitol Hill and make plans to participate at all available processes.

  2. I learned that I did not agree with everyone who spoke to House Bill No. 2 (2015). This was not a surprise, it is to be expected. There are opposing views on a bill of this magnitude. It would be expected that the person I sat next to would not be speaking to the bill in agreement. There would be no mistaking to anyone in the Lincoln auditorium that I was a man. And there would be no mistaking to anyone that I was sitting next to a man dressed as a woman, presenting himself as a woman with physical alterations.  No one in the room would have difficulty making this distinction.

    We sat next to each other in a civil manner. I said hello, commented on a few things while waiting for the proceedings to begin, and respectfully sat next to each other the entire time.

    I respect a process that lets every citizen testify and express emotion for their desires.

    I appreciated others who spoke against House Bill No. 2, as I too am opposed. I was pleased that there were others who spoke boldly of their hope that Idaho would honor God and not equate sexual orientation and gender identity as a simple civil rights issue.

    I was pleased to hear others speak with precision of the Lord Jesus Christ and the authority of the Bible, clergy and laymen alike.

    It was not long in the proceedings that the reality that I would not be in agreement with everyone who claims to be a bible believing Christian. I would find that I’m equally opposed to some of the defense of the bible from some on the same side of the bill as I.

    But even more troubling was to begin hearing clergy from some denominations defending sexually deviant behavior as ordained by God and supported from Scripture.

    This was a moment of great significance for me.

    It is not only important that a Christian voice be heard, it is of eternal importance that a Christian, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ learn to articulate with pin point precision what one believes and able to defend this with kindness, compassion and appeal for the soul of all men and women.

  3. Finally, I have been spiritually, profoundly impacted by my time spent on Capitol Hill.

    Indeed there is a great sin in in the land. I sat next to an individual who is equally fit for hell as I. I have tasted the kindness of God upon my own soul. And I have a duty to all humanity to act compassionately and truthfully with all.


  • Paul Bowman

    January 27, 2015 at 7:12 PM Reply

    Thank you living out an example of Ephesians 6:20. God bless!

    • Paul

      January 28, 2015 at 5:08 PM Reply

      May the nations hear of the hope in Christ!

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